• Photo collage on a photo display as a mother's day gift

    Photo Collage on a Photo Display as a Mother’s Day Gift

    Stylishly Showcase Kids and Grandchildren on Any Desk or Tabletop

    During the daily grind of life, it’s often taken for granted everything mothers do for their families and we too seldom say “thank you.” Mother’s Day gives us the chance to show mothers how valuable they are to us.

    With the photo display from ifolor you can quickly and easily create your own personalised Mother’s Day gift that will be sure to keep your mother’s special day in memory for the rest of the year.

    Photo Display as a Photo Collage

    The ifolor photo display is a treated UV- and scratch-resistant wooden panel on which a photo of your choice can be printed. When creating your display you can choose amongst various sizes as well as either portrait or landscape format. Once you’ve chosen a size and format, there are a multitude of design templates for you to choose from featuring either single photos or collages.

    Now all you have to do is create something special that will bring back wonderful memories for your mother. A really good idea for this is to create a photo collage. Of course you could create your collage with a selection of current photos of yourself. Or, alternatively, you could mix in various photos from your childhood to take your mother back in time to the good ol’ days every time she looks at the photo display. You could then finish off the design with a current photo of yourself. This will ensure your Mother’s Day gift is both special and carries with it a very nostalgic note.

    Grandchildren are also the perfect accompaniment for your Mother’s Day gift. You could also use the same idea as above and feature several photos of the grandchildren throughout various stages of their lives. Start with baby photos and then include photos of their first day at school and finish off with current pictures.

    A photo collage for Mother’s Day
    A photo collage featuring text and graphics for Mother’s Day

    Designing the Photo Display

    Tip: If you choose to use only colour photos for the photo display, you should keep in mind that these should harmoniously flow with each other. Thus, if you have several photos that have somewhat of a cool colour scheme, a photo with warm colours would not fit together with the other pictures and stick out.

    You could, however, intentionally use this effect to prominently feature one of the photos in the collage. You can also employ the same idea to feature a single colour or black and white photo contrasted against black and white or colour photos. You’ll have the chance to edit your photos directly on our website. You can adjust the greyscale of your photos or even add a sepia filter. You can also use the automatic-optimisation tool, as well as crop, rotate, or remove redeye from your photos. If you use the idea of showcasing yourself or others from childhood to present day, purposefully contrasting between childhood photos and the present-day photo by using black and white as well as colour photos works brilliantly. This will enable you to distinguish between photos of yesteryear and today.

    Photo-editing options on the ifolor website

    Tip: Old photos can also be easily digitized with the smartphone. You can find out how to do this here.

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