• A selfie of a girl - Ideas for amusing photo card motifs for Mother’s Day

    Photo Cards for Mother’s Day

    3 Ideas for Amusing Motifs

    An individualised card belongs in the company of any gift along with a few personal lines, especially on Mother’s Day. A greeting card will enable you to convey to your lovely mother in your own words just how special she is to you.

    A perfect choice for this is to use a photo greeting card available to order individually. To that end you have the choice among

    You can design each of these cards using various layouts and designs and you’ll also have the opportunity to edit the photos you upload. It can be difficult at times, however, to find the right motif for a card. But have no fear! Here we’ll show you three amusing ideas how you can add an extra creative touch to your Mother’s Day card.

    Re-enact Old Photos

    Look through your old photos to find a picture from your childhood that you can re-enact. It’s best to choose a photo where you can easily imitate the background as well as the clothes you were wearing in the picture. Then all you have to do is do a quick wardrobe change and strike the same pose in front of the right background. Alternatively you could also re-enact an older photo that also has your mother in it.

    In order to make it especially clear which photo you re-enacted, you can also include the original version of the photo on your Mother’s Day greeting card. Here you should pay attention to the formats of the photos. You can place two photos in landscape format with one below the other on a greeting card in portrait format or two photos in portrait format next to each other on a greeting card in landscape format. You can really surprise your mother by placing the original photo of the two on the front side of the card and the re-enacted version on the inside of the card accompanied with a few personal lines.

    Photo greeting card featuring a picture of a girl with her teddy bear next to the re-enacted photo

    Many Pictures Become One

    Another creative idea for designing your Mother’s Day card is to recreate a symbol by using your arms and hands. A fitting symbol for Mother’s Day would of course be a heart to show your mum just how much you care for her. It’s easiest to do this by using 12 different photos that you can later fit together to form a square. If you take your photos in landscape format, you’ll need 3 columns and 4 rows. If taking them in portrait format it’ll be exactly the opposite and you’ll need 4 columns and 3 rows to end up with a square shape with all the photos together. In each of the 12 snapshots you’ll have to change the position of your arms so that you’re left with a heart shape when you’re done. The two photos in the left and right corners at the bottom won’t be needed to complete the heart shape. You should still take a couple of nice pictures to place here that fit with the rest of the photos.

    Alternatively you can use the app called “Body Symbol” to get a bit of assistance with where you should hold your arms. This free app is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

    Putting together all the pieces of this “photo puzzle” can require a bit of patience and tactfulness, but the end result will be worth the effort.

    A photo puzzle created using the Body Symbol app

    Speech Bubbles and Hearts

    You can use a couple of extra things to put the finishing touches on your Mother’s Day snapshot(s). You can use things like little hearts, speech or thought bubbles, or perhaps signs containing loving hand-written messages such as “I love you, mum!” that you can integrate into your photos.

    Things like cut-out hearts affixed to a wall will provide you with the perfect background in front of which you can strike a pose. You can also write loving words in the speech or thought bubble and affix it to the wall so it appears above your head.

    A collage with a multitude of pictures of you holding different signs with various loving messages on them is another creative idea to use for your Mother’s Day card. You could also paint on or print a t-shirt or write something on your feet or arms to convey your loving thoughts to your mother.

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