• A couple marking a new travel destination on their world map

    Design a Photo Canvas as a World Map

    A Brilliant Memento for All of Your Travel Destinations

    From adventurous tours to romantic getaways - every year there is something new to experience and various places to travel to and discover. Make your own travel destinations into an especially eye-catching decoration for your home and catalogue all of the beautiful places you’ve already visited with an original world map in the form of a photo canvas. We’ll show you how it’s done.

    Choose a World Map

    Before you begin designing, you’ll of course first need a nice world map. When choosing which photo to use for your map you should make sure it has as high a resolution possible to ensure the image is sharp after being printed on the canvas. You can find numerous photo sources online, such as Pixabay, where you can download high-quality images free of charge.

    The choice is of course left up to you whether you’d like to choose something like a classic world map where each country is labelled or more of an abstract design with various colours. When choosing which world map photo you’d like to use, consider in which room you’d like to display your map and which kind of map design would go along best with this room’s décor.

    Creating an ifolor Photo Canvas

    Once you’ve chosen which world map you’d like to use, you can create your photo canvas with ease either online or with the ifolor Designer. You’ll have various formats to choose from for your photo canvas so you’ll be able to create one in a suitable size for your home. A multi-panel display is especially eye-catching and will showcase your world map on three different photo canvases each in 40 x 60 cm format. The multi-panel photo canvas is best displayed on a large, mostly empty wall.

    Once you’ve selected which format you’d like, you can then upload your world map photo from your computer and then drag and drop it on the photo canvas shown in the ifolor Designer. A notice on the side of the Designer will show you if your image’s resolution is ideal, adequate, or too low. You can also make final edits to your photo and even use something like a retro filter to give your world map an extra special touch.

    Your Travel Destinations at a Glance in Your Home

    Within about five workdays after ordering you’ll receive your photo canvas in the mail. Wall mounts and assembly instructions come included to make it easy to hang your original world map on your wall. Thanks to our high-grade printing techniques, your world map will gleam with rich colours and be around for years to come.

    A travel destination being marked on the photo canvas with a pushpin

    Now all that’s left to do is add all the beautiful places you’ve already visited and explored! In order to mark the places you’ve already travelled to, you could use something like pushpins. You can find these in a wide variety of colours and forms or even special varieties such as flags. With a paper thickness of 375 g/m² your canvas will be very tear-resistant and is perfect for this craft idea. Simply stick the pushpins carefully into the photo canvas to mark where you’ve already been and your completely personalised travel world map is finished!

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