• The ifolor app makes designing your Photo book easy

    New: Photo book Deluxe in the ifolor app

    Design your Photo book directly on your smartphone with the ifolor app for Android

    No need to transfer your photos to your PC anymore, with the ifolor app for Android you can design and order photo products were your photos are - directly on your smartphone. In addition to photo calendars, digital photos, greeting cards, photo gifts, wall decorations and the Gift Booklet, you can now finally design the Photo book Deluxe in all formats in the ifolor app!

    How to start with your Photo book Deluxe in the ifolor app for Android

    New category ‘Books’ in the ifolor app for Android
    Select automatic or manual image placement and number of pages in the ifolor app

    Download the ifolor app free of charge from the Google Play Store. You will see all the available product categories on the start screen. Tap on ‘Books’ to go to Photo book Deluxe. The Photo book Deluxe is available in all formats. The pages are finished in a silky shiny surface that brings out the best in your photos. Select your desired format and number of pages and you can start designing your photo book.


    A really fast way to create your Photo book is to choose ‘automatic’ before you start designing. The app will distribute the images randomly throughout the book.

    Design your Photo book in the app - simple, intuitive and versatile

    The ifolor app offers you a wide range of layouts for your Photo book. In no time at all, you can create collages with up to four photos, insert text in any style on your pages, or even spread a single photo across 2 pages. You can also choose from a variety of background colours to match your Photo book. With just one tap, the colour change will be automatically applied to your entire book. You can pause the design of your book at any time and continue later, because your photo book is automatically saved in the app.

    Add photos and new pages to your book

    The ifolor app makes accessing all your images on your phone simple. Just tap on the place holder and then on the image you want to place. If you want to remove pictures, tap and hold them until a trash symbol appears then drag them into the trash.

    Insert a photo into a placeholder on the Photo book page via the app
    Different page layout options for a Photo book design using the ifolor app

    If you want to add more pages to your Photo book, simply press the plus sign at the end of the page overview. A handy tip: You can add empty pages in the middle of your Photo book by tapping on the plus sign, so you can add even more images of that special experience in the middle of the book.

    Try it out now and design your Photo book Deluxe with the ifolor app for Android!

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