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    Christmas time – presents time

    Christmas is just round the corner! And we all know that Christmas means presents time. Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how you can give your Christmas presents a personal touch with cool photo stickers.

    Wrapping Christmas presents is an art in itself – some people are world champions at this, others find it rather difficult. I always hope myself that the nice sales assistant behind the counter in the shop will work her magic and give my gift a beautiful festive wrapping – or I simply place my gift in a lovely bag. My guilty conscience does bother me though as I obviously have a beautifully wrapped gift now but without contributing to it myself. How often must my Mum and Dad have grinned when I handed them a creative something wrapped in far too much sticky tape on Christmas Eve as a child! I’d like to conjure up this grin on my family’s faces again this Christmas but not with badly wrapped presents any more but with a personal touch with the help of a photo sticker.

    The photo stickers are wonderful for jazzing up gift wrapping as every imaginable subject can be printed on them – children’s photos, shared memories or funny snapshots. Photos of past Christmases are also brilliant and give stickers that Christmasy feel.

    Photo Sticker

    Make your gift labels prettier with photo stickers

    Your Christmas present is beautifully wrapped but it just lacks that personal touch. You can also simply place photo stickers on the gift now, whether it’s to attach the decorative ribbon or make funny pictures or patterns. You can of course also make creative gift labels for personal dedications. Cut out a piece of cardboard or thicker paper, put then photo sticker on it, add the decorative ribbon and your personalised gift label is finished.

    Photo Sticker

    Photo stickers for home-made gifts

    Christmas time is not just presents time but also the time for home-made gifts from the kitchen. We like giving delicious home-made jams, including orange, mulled wine or cranberry jam, as gifts at Christmas. The jar itself often looks great but decorated with colourful ribbons attached with funny photo stickers or with a home-made photo gift label the jam looks even more impressive as a gift.

    Photo Sticker

    Goodies are also part of a widespread Christmas tradition that many people would not like to miss out on. All kinds of Christmas treats sweeten the festive period, the possibilities are endless. Christmas goodies can also be given a personal touch with photo stickers and ready to give as gifts in no time at all.

    Photo Sticker

    Photo stickers as the icing on the cake

    Are you among those who prefer to send Christmas cards? You can also really easily create and order photo greeting cards including the envelope from us that are perfect for your Christmas wishes – with a cool photo sticker on them for that certain something special!


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