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    Pre-Easter activity with kids - Easter wall decoration

    Let’s do handicrafts!

    Easter is one of the most joyful holidays of the year. It's all about having fun and making good memories and of course, it's time for some quality time as a family. If you look for inspirations for a cool Pre-Easter activity with kids, here is our Easter wall decoration tutorial that we would be delighted to share with you.

    There's nothing like photos to give your home a warm, personal feel, and remind you of the people and the memories most important to you. That's why we've created this Easter collage at our kitchen table where we usually spend a lot of time as a family. This activity was an easy and meaningful way to display pictures of your loved ones in combination with Easter handmade decorations made together with kids.

    Make an Easter wall decoration - in one, two, three!


    What you need:

    + Random photos
    + Paper and coloured paper
    + Pencils and markers
    + Paint and brush
    + Photo stickers anddifferent tapes
    + Scissors


    1. Make a board.

    The essential part of this decoration is to create a kind of display that can be easily hanged on the wall and can be suitable for sticking or pining paper and lightweight objects. It can be anything, from a wooden board to a picture frame. We have an acryl board that you can ordner plain or with the photo of your choice at ifolor. It`s white so it visually doesn't take much space and it's easy to stick things on it.

    2. Make a selection of photos.

    If you have a lot of pictures saved on your hard drive, this part can be quite emotional to select and print out the most meaningful pictures of your family and friends. Keep in mind that in order to have your display look aesthetically balanced, the pictures should not overtake the board too much. As an example, on our board we have 40% pictures and 60% decorations spread equally.

    3. Make decorations.

    Here the kids can create their own Easter world just the way they want it. Everything is possible as long it about spring and Easter. As you can see, we have done some colouring eggs, rabbits and flowers. We have also included our family and friends name tags and some random paintings with springtime symbols. If your kids are yet too small to physically help with this project, you still can do it together and they will for sure enjoy putting some baby art on the Easter eggs.


    A good thing about this board is that it`s changeable. It makes it easy to change your photos whenever you like and to create new creative collages for any other occasion or celebration.

    Elena from

    Elena from "Family First"

    Elena and her team at Family First know exactly what kids want: their independent web portal shows all the important family-friendly places, cultural and social activities and events in Switzerland for children aged up to 12 and their parents. They put together some great crafts ideas for children and provide inspiration for everyday life for ifolor.

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