Bring photos to life

Bring live photos to life with the “My Moments” app

This innovative app brings the most beautiful photos in your photo book to life again: whether it’s birthdays, the last weekend outing or your baby’s first steps, the new ifolor “My Moments” app magically brings photo moments to life again.

The My Moments app

The app creates personal moments out of photos from your smartphone, Facebook and Instagram. The app’s smart automatic creation of albums puts all the photos from different sources from the same original experience together into one moment. Anyone who uses live photos in their photo book can focus on the photos using a mobile phone camera later on and instantly experience them again as animated live photos, including sound. Bringing the static snapshot in your photo book to life again.

But how does it work? ifolor developed the app together with Ubique. We take a glimpse behind the scenes.

"The app is a milestone in the digital transformation process of our company. With "My Moments" we create a new form of interaction with our photo products, which at the same time provides an unexpected moment of happiness to our customers'', says Filip P. Schwarz, CEO of ifolor.

A glimpse behind the scenes

ifolor: Photos that are brought to life again in a photo book… How does it work?


Ubique: It’s really easy for the user: Scan the QR code on the last page of the photo book and simply hold the camera over the photo book pages to bring the photos to life.

ifolor: Access to live photos is one thing, that the photos are actually live, that’s to say living, is something else. What’s the technology behind it?

Ubique: Technically the whole thing is of course a bit more complex. We use modern image recognition algorithms that recognise in seconds whether the mobile phone camera is directed at a live image or not. As soon as an image is recognised, the live photo starts to run on the mobile phone, including sound of course so that the sound of the party or your baby’s first words are brought to life again too.

ifolor:That means you could theoretically also play videos in the photo book, doesn’t it?

Ubique: Yes, that’s theoretically possible. That already works with live photos with the current version of My Moments. Videos will follow soon with an update for the app.

The emergence of the idea

ifolor: How did the idea come about?

Ubique: ifolor had the courage to try out something totally new with us. We accordingly had a great deal of freedom in creating the app. As a result, we gradually developed ideas with ifolor on what the photo book of the future might look like and identified two major functions. Firstly, the process for selecting photos can be massively simplified by the automatic recognition of moments using machine learning. And the second major innovation is live photos that can still be printed as a still.

ifolor: Developing apps sounds like a cool job. What’s it like working on apps?

Ubique: App development is extremely exciting work where developers, designers and user experience specialists work closely together in an interdisciplinary fashion with the aim of creating an app that is fun for users. To that end, the app’s individual functions and parts are scrutinised time and time again and constantly improved until the whole app is good enough to be published in the App Store.

My Moments App

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