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  • Mini Walldecoration

    Spring has sprung!

    With trees in bloom and the weather warming up spring always gets us into the mood for new things. Breathe a breath of fresh air into your home with the ifolor mini walldecoration!

    Mini Walldecoration

    I don't know about you, but spring always gets me in the mood for something new. I start by decluttering my home, decorating everything to bring in a bit of freshness and colour or buying flowers for the dining room table. But sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and I don't even know where to start! That is why today I'd like to show you how you can breathe a breath of fresh air into your home, even with just a few simple changes!

    Create your checklist

    A spring cleaning checklist helps you stay on track of all your to-dos, so you can always concentrate on what's most important. Jot down small and manageable steps, such as cleaning shelves, decluttering drawers or sorting documents. Don't try to tackle too manytasks at once if you don't have enough time. That's just frustrating! Conquering a few small tasks each day will get you there.

    Cleaning a little differently – Cleaning with pizazz

    The cleaning part of spring cleaning is often one of the less popular activities. But we canchange that. For example, by finding playful ways to involve your children! How about a little race to see who can get the window sparkling clean faster? Or listen to an audiobook that you've been wanting to listen to for a long time and see how fast time fliesby. Personally, I like to turn up the volume and listen to loud music, to make tackling my tasks more fun and energetic - this way cleaning becomes almost a workout too, doesn't it?

    Mini Walldecoration
    Mini Walldecoration
    Mini Walldecoration

    Small effort, big impact

    It's not always necessary to paint the walls or even invest in completely new furnishings. Even small changes can have a big impact.Start, for example, by assembling a welcoming plant arrangement made of beautiful branches and grasses to grace your living-, dining-room or the entrance area. Or instead of repainting an entire wall, you could only change parts of it! I also like to freshen things up by redecorating a wall - or by simply moving existing artwork around. ifolor products make it effortless with most of them not even requiring any drilling! How convenient!

    The mini wall decoration

    I recommend the mini wall decoration to spice up your home quickly and easily! Availablein four different formats, you can attach it to almost any surface thanks to a magnetic wallmount.The mini wall decoration is super easy to use for anyone. But it still delivers a certain wow effect! With the practical magnets, you can easily move your pictures around at any time and rearrange them in new combinations. And if you don't like something anymore, you can swap it out immediately with a new mini wall decoration!

    Mini Walldecoration

    This new type of wall decoration makes everyday life more fun and brings the trendy collage look into your home. Whether a hiking trip, a precious family moment or a selfie, combine all of your favourite memories in an attractive wall collage.Since the mini wall decoration is available in four formats (10×10, 10×15, 15×15 and 15×20), you have room to experiment and give your dining, living or bedroom a personal,individual and unique touch.

    Mini Walldecoration

    Being square is in

    Order your mini wall decoration in square format if you like things a bit more uniform. That'll make it look like your personal in-home Instagram feed! This doesn't only look trendy, it's also in high demand right now!

    Ready for some changes in your living room? Still need more inspiration? Check out ifolor's inspiration board and be inspired by new ideas.

    Samira Hammami

    Samira Hammami

    Samira is actually an art history student, but she has always had a passion for writing. It all started with small blog articles about her biggest hobby: traveling.
    Now she writes about all sorts of creative aspects of life, and for some time she has also been supporting ifolor with her articles. Because she is most drawn towards reporting she is especially happy to be starting a master degree course in Cultural Journalism in September.

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