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    Luminous Acrylic Glass Plate Decoration

    Turn your acrylic glass plate into a very special wall decoration and a guaranteed eye-catcher: we will show you how to light up your pictures.

    With the acrylic glass from ifolor, your photos will be shown to best advantage in any room – and thanks to the special wall mounting your picture will appear to be positively floating on it. A real attention magnet.

    You want to give your acrylic glass plate that special something? Then follow our instructions and light up your photos!


    How it’s done

    For illuminated pictures you need only three things: a photo (particularly suitable are e.g. lettering), the acrylic glass plate from ifolor and a rope light (available in different versions from DIY stores).

    Lay the acrylic glass plate down carefully, on its front side. Shape the light rope around the area that you want to backlight and fix the bends in place using wire (min. thickness 2.5 mm). Now attach the light rope to the back of the acrylic glass plate using adhesive tape.

    Then you only need to mount the illuminated picture carefully on a wall or lean it at a suitable place. Voilà!


    The Acrylic Glass Plate from ifolor

    The acrylic glass plate is available in various formats – from the small 20x30cm model to the metre-wide wall decoration, there is something for every taste. In addition to this, you can choose between portrait, landscape and square.

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