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    Daniela, kindergarten teacher

    A sporty leaving gift as a memento of the class

    As people who are in contact with them daily, teachers influence children’s lives from the first day of school. They foster their strengths, help them with their weaknesses, and make it easier for them  to enter the world of work. Teachers represent and relieve the pressure on parents, or act as neutral intermediaries. We regularly give gifts to friends and family – but too often we forget to give something back to the other people who shape our lives.
    We think it is time to change this: that is why, together with her children, we have created a personalised football for Daniela for the end of the academic year.


    Teacher with heart and soul

    Daniela has been a nursery teacher for two years and teaches at the church schoolhouse in Bätterkinden. When asked why she decided to work with children, and to become a nursery teacher, it does not take Daniela long to come up with an answer: She has always liked children’s zest for life and energy. As a teacher she can help them to understand the world, watch how they progress, accompany them as they grow up, and find out what makes them happy or weighs them down. Every child has their own unique character, which is exciting to get to know and to shape, and also forms part of Daniela’s own life. “And because of the long holidays, of course,” she adds with laughter.

    This is why we are planning to surprise Daniela at the end of the semester with something special. We chose a personalised football from ifolor Sport, because this not only acts as a reminder but can also be used in a playful way in her daily work with the children. In order to create a personalised football for her, we asked in advance for her to send us some favourite pictures and mementos of her current nursery group – without giving away too much, of course.

    Football at the school

    Ready, Steady, Create

    It is very simple to create an individual gift: First you need to select the rubric “personalised sport products” and then you’re ready to go. The right model for Daniela can be chosen from among five designs. Upload photos, place them in the 3D ball configuration and choose appropriate lettering. There are no limits set to your creativity, because you can also have only photos or only letterings printed. Daniela’s personal football was created and ordered in no time at all.

    A few days later, the football is in the letterbox and we are ready to pay a visit to the church schoolhouse. On Thursday morning, we are welcomed by loud shouts and laughter from the nursery children even before we arrive in the schoolhouse’s playground. It is ten o’clock and Daniela’s nursery group is having its long break. The children play football, clamber on the climbing frame, or paint and read on the field. It is a sunny day and the children are enjoying every second spent outdoors. In the middle of it all is the nursery teacher Daniela, who is already waving to us cheerfully

    Teacher with pupils

     A successful surprise

    Up to this point we had let her believe that we had contacted her to take photos of some of our products in a playful environment. Daniela cannot get over her amazement when we explain to her that today is only about her. So far the children have been standing somewhat apart and watching the adults curiously, but once we hand the football over to their nursery teacher there is no holding them back. Everybody wants to take a look, hold it, or play around with it. The photos printed on the ball remind many of the children of their great trips and experiences at the nursery. We get every child to write their name on the football with a waterproof marker.

    Teacher with pupils
    Teacher with pupils
    Pupils playing football
    Football at the school

    Would you also like to give a gift to someone with a special place in the life of your child – whether it be a teacher, a club president or a childminder? Then create a personalised football!


    Samira Hammami

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