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  • Wedding couple in a sunlit forrest - Peartree, Wil Punt

    The Best International Wedding Photographers

    It’s always a tricky proposition when trying to photograph people. There’s a lot you have to pay attention to: the right location, the right lighting conditions, striking the right pose… The people being photographed should also be comfortable during the shoot so that you can hope to end up with quality photos.

    A special area of “people photography” is wedding photography. Here the photographer is presented with the difficult task of taking great pictures that the bridal pair will be sure to cherish for the rest of their lives – keeping the memory of the special day fresh for years to come. To accomplish this, it’s best for the photographer to be right in the middle of the action while at the same time not disturbing the guests. It’s common for the photographer to be at the wedding celebration for its entirety, leaving very little time to dilly-dally; the photographer can’t afford to miss any special happenings and there’s usually only once chance to capture each of these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

    This is why it’s difficult for many bridal pairs to make the difficult selection of a suitable wedding photographer. Here we’ve compiled a small list of extremely gifted wedding photographers. Perhaps it’ll help provide you with some inspiration for your own very special day.

    RAMAN PHOTOS, Rheingau, Deutschland

    Raman El Atiaoui is an award-winning wedding photographer from the Rheingau area in Germany. He’s received numerous awards and distinctions for his expressive photos, including several Lifetime and Fearless Awards. Raman El Atiaoui is capable of being present at all times while also being unobtrusive, which can be seen when observing his emotional and breath-taking photos. He prefers to employ a classical style to shoot photos rich in contrast. He fully immerses himself in the bridal pair’s interactions and keeps a keen eye on his clients. This makes his photos especially expressive. A plus when going with Raman’s services: you can have a say in what Raman wears on your wedding day and colour-coordinate his clothes. This helps him blend in amongst the wedding guests, which further helps him take wonderful and spontaneous pictures.
    Wedding Couple on top of a car in a field- Raman El Atiaou

    © Foto: Raman El Atiaoui – www.raman-weddings.de

    black&white picture of 7 little flower girls - Raman El Atiaoui

    © Foto: Raman El Atiaoui – www.raman-weddings.de

    Michael Erbe, Meiningen, Deutschland

    The credo of this photographer based out of Meiningen, Germany, is that special moments should not be forgotten. Wedding photography isn’t something that you can choose or learn, but something that is just a natural fit. Since he always loved photographing people, one thing just led to the other. Nowadays, Michael is active all across Germany and prefers to photograph bridal pairs that are a little off-the-wall, which is recognisable from the antique dresses or locations seen in his photographs. Thanks to his easy-going style, he creates a really relaxed atmosphere during his photo shoots that positively influences the bridal pair and leads to one-of-a-kind photos.

    Wedding couple on a bed - Michael Erbe

    © Foto: Michael Erbe – www.mefotografie.com

    dancing wedding couple in a candlelit ballroom  - Michael Erbe

    © Foto: Michael Erbe – www.mefotografie.com

    Albertoni & Hedrich Wedding Photography, Wabern, Schweiz

    This four-person team made up of Frank and Lisa Hedrich as well as Wolfgang Schmidberger and Ludvik Danek is completely committed to wedding photography. Their focus\ is on modern and contemporary photographs, accentuated by innovative ideas and creativity. The team tries to distance itself from stiff and dowdy photos and instead orient themselves towards a style that is more in line with the times. One kind of photo shoot that really showcases this trendy style is the “Trash the Dress” shoot, where the bride unabashedly dirties her dress. To ensure that the show can still go on in the case of a photographer falling ill, there’s always at least one other team member in reserve. This will guarantee that you end up with beautiful wedding photos of your special day.

    Click here for their homepage: Albertoni & Hedrich Wedding Photography.

    Peartree, Stellenbosch, Südafrika

    Wil Punt, of Peartree Photography, is based out of South Africa. After a near-death experience in 2000, he began to focus on the important things in life and came to realise that photography, especially when working with other people, was what made him happy. From there on out, Wil began focusing on wedding photography and prefers to utilise remarkable and natural environments. His photos showcase real emotion and special candid moments. Wil is willing to go the extra mile for these once-in-a-lifetime moments: whether it’s a spontaneous rock climb or photographing in hurricane conditions – if the bridal pair is pleased with the end results, so too is Wil Punt.
    Wedding couple in a sunlit forrest - Peartree, Wil Punt

    © Foto: Peartree, Wil Punt – peartree.co.za/blog/

    Wedding couple in the rain - Peartree, Wil Punt

    © Foto: Peartree, Wil Punt – peartree.co.za/blog/

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