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    Organise Private Events with Photo Products

    Send Out One-of-a-Kind Invitations with a Photo Puzzle or Postcard

    Use a photo puzzle or a creatively designed photo card as an invitation and awaken your guests’ pleasant anticipation for your event. There are many design possibilities for you to choose from to give your creativity free roam and to add your own personal messages and pictures.

    The Photo Puzzle: an Original Invitation

    With a self-designed photo puzzle you can really surprise your guests. You can draw out the pleasant anticipation of unwrapping and putting together the puzzle depending on which size you choose to go with: for guests who may not be the most patient, the 50-piece puzzle is the one to go with. The assembled puzzle will showcase your motif in 20 x 30 cm format. The 196-piece puzzle will display your photo in 30 x 45 cm format. The puzzle comes delivered in a gift box along with a picture of the completed puzzle to help along the way.

    ifolor photo puzzle gift box and photo of the completed puzzle

    If you wish, you can leave the photo of the completed puzzle that comes with it in the box so the person putting it together will know what the completed puzzle will look like. The individual puzzle pieces lie flat and fit smoothly together with one another, which also makes it perfect for framing and displaying it on the wall.

    Design Your Own Puzzle in Just a Few Steps

    It’s really simple to design your photo puzzle online. Start out by choosing an ifolor design template of your choice. A simple full-surface layout is well suited when using a single photo. If you really want to make it challenging you could go with a collage design. With this layout you can combine and arrange several pictures in various sizes and formats.

    Then pick out one of your favourite photos to use for your puzzle and upload it to the ifolor photo editor online. For an invitation to a family celebration you could use a group photo of the whole family together or perhaps an athletic action shot for an invitation to a sporting event. In any case, the chosen motif(s) should showcase various colours and forms to ensure the puzzle doesn’t end up being too difficult to assemble.

    Every invitation should include the place, date, and time of the event as well as possibly a link to a website that gives information about the event. Depending on which design template you go with, you could add this information as a text element to your puzzle. When doing this, however, make sure that the font is large enough to be readable.

    A photo puzzle volleyball tournament invitation

    Alternatively, you can put to use some free-of-charge image editing tools and simply design your own photo puzzle invitation motif and upload it to the ifolor editor online. On Canva, for instance, there are various photo templates, text elements, icons, as well as graphics that you can combine at will. The site’s intuitive user interface makes it really easy to use, even for those less experienced with image editing tools.

    Send Out Invitations to Private Events in the Form of an ifolor Postcard

    Another original way to invite guests to your event is by using a photo card. Whether a single card or a set of 10, folded or unfolded, or in square, portrait, or landscape format: you’re bound to find a style that fits your needs.

    How to Design Your Own Postcards

    First start out by choosing your desired product and the corresponding design. From full-surface prints to collages with text fields - ifolor offers a large selection of templates for a multitude of occasions. All that’s left to do afterwards is to upload a photo of your choice.

    If you should choose to do so you could also use an image editing tool such as Canva to create your own design and then upload it to use as a full-surface card motif.

    ifolor postcards for volleyball tournament invitations

    For an invitation to a house-warming party you could use a nice photo of your new residence on the front side of the card. For a birthday party you could prominently display your new age or the year you were born in the middle and combine this with a funny quote. Don’t forget to include important information such as date, place, and time of the event on the front side of the card.

    Then it’s time to lend your card an especially individual note and add a personalised message on the reverse side of the card either in your own handwriting or you can simply order your cards with the text already printed on them. Here you’ll also have room to add some other information that may not fit on the front side of the card, such as the itinerary of the event or to request your guests to RSVP.

    Tip: If you’d like to “give” an event as a gift, you could combine both of these ideas. Simply give the recipient a photo puzzle and the other people invited to come along an invitation card.

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