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    Individually Designed Photo Candles as Christmas Gifts

    Are you looking for a small, personal Christmas gift? Perhaps this year you could give them a photo candle for Christmas - give your creativity free roam in its design.

    The Christmas Photo Candle: A Decoration for Your Loved Ones

    Give your home a cosy feeling this Christmas season and create your very own decorative photo candles. They’ll help you reminisce about precious moments experienced during the year.

    Alternatively, you could give these Christmas photo candles to your loved ones. Whether making them a gift from old Saint Nick himself, using them for a Secret Santa exchange, or just to bring along as a small gift for a Christmas dinner - a creative photo candle embodies the spirit of the Christmas season.

    How to Create Your Own Personal Photo Candles

    First you’ll need a glass. It can be a jar, dessert glass, or even a container specifically designed for candles; the important thing here is that the material is transparent. Then take two photos, which you should cut down to a suitable size for the glass, and place them inside the glass. Depending on the photo’s motif, we recommend using a photo format of 9 to 11 centimetres. You can order them with ease here.

    Affix the photos to the inside of the glass with a suitable adhesive and put a candle of your choice into the glass.

    Photo candles standing on a table decorated for a Christmas dinner

    Now it’s time to let your creativity run wild and add other decorative elements to your photo candles. You can use things such as twine, stickers, adhesive ribbons, or Christmas symbols made of wood and attach them to the glass. You could also replace the boring run-of-the-mill candles you usually use for your Advent wreath with your individualised photo candles and loan a personal touch to Advent this Christmas season.

    When decorating your candles make sure you keep the flammability of the materials you use in mind. If the materials are indeed flammable, make sure to only attach these to the outside of the glass and make sure they are secured in place.

    If you’d like to err on the side of caution, you could use electric tea candles instead of real ones. These, depending on what kind of LED light used, will allow you to choose different colours for the light. This will allow you to adjust the candles for the mood and ambiance desired and you can also take the room’s other decorations into consideration.

    If giving the candles to someone, a discreet colour scheme is perfect - the classic Christmas colours of red, green, or gold are especially recommended for these Christmas-themed candles.

    Deciding on which photos to use for your candles is another important factor. Here you can find easy-to-implement ideas on how to design creative Christmas motifs for your photos.

    Product tip:

    Order prints of your best photos with ease online in just a few clicks! We recommend premium photo paper in 9 - 11 cm format.

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