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  • Give Someone a Gift Voucher Book for Christmas

    Give Someone a Gift Voucher Book for Christmas

    A Photo Book Spiral with Individualised Gift Vouchers

    Christmas is not only a time to celebrate with family, but is also clearly many people’s most favourite time of the year. But, just like every other year, we’re always left facing the question: “what should I get my loved ones this Christmas?” With an individualised gift voucher book you can give them something that’s really one-of-a-kind: time spent together.

    Creating the Gift Voucher Book

    The photo book spiral is the most suitable choice for making your Christmas gift voucher book. The stable spiral binding makes it easy to flip through the various vouchers. Then, once they’ve found the gift voucher they’re looking for, it’s easily removable from the book. While designing your book you should first choose which size you’d like. The formats A4, A5, and A6 are available.

    Tip: A gift voucher book in landscape format is more optically appealing. Thus, while designing your book it’d be a good idea to choose the “landscape” orientation. Then you’ll just have to choose how many pages the book should have depending on how many gift vouchers you’re putting in the book.

    Then comes the fun part: designing your individualised gift voucher book. It’s also possible to adjust the number of pages later should you come up with some new ideas for gift vouchers while creating your book.

    Designing and creating your gift voucher book works best with the ifolor Designer for Windows and Mac. Here you’ll find numerous templates that you can use to make your gift voucher really one-of-a-kind with just a few clicks and a bit of creativity. Plan to place one gift voucher every two pages. This will give you enough room to add the actual gift voucher while leaving you room to accentuate the other page with a fitting picture and bring moments shared together back to life. The ifolor Designer offers you a huge selection of backgrounds in diverse forms and colours for various themes so you can effectively display the gift voucher’s text.

    A Photo Book Spiral with Individualised Gift Vouchers

    A Christmas Gift Voucher Book for Her

    Whether for your partner, mother, or best friend: a lovely design is sure to make any woman’s heart beat faster. Let your creativity run wild!

    The single-colour backgrounds such as red or green are most suitable for giving your book a Christmassy look. You can gradate these as you wish to make them a bit subtler. You can also use clip art to additionally pep up your gift voucher page. There is a wide selection of Christmas motifs available such as reindeer, Christmas tree balls, or mistletoe. You can also add snowflakes in various sizes to make it a white Christmas.

    Also be sure to choose an attractive serif font style for your text, such as “Tempus Sans” or “Nyala.”

    Tip: In the ifolor Designer you can use any font style that you already have installed on your computer. You can find many font styles free to download at https://www.dafont.com.

    Gift Voucher Ideas for Her

    What kinds of gift vouchers you decide to give her depends, of course, on your own preferences as well as her predilections. Choose activities that the two of you enjoy or offer to do a chore she hates doing. You could give her a voucher…

    • for a walk together through a wintery landscape: of course including a stop in between to warm up with a nice mug of hot cocoa
    • for a cosy evening with raclette and wine
    • for a fun-filled afternoon at the skating rink
    • for a spa day with self-made face packs, manicures, and massage
    • for cleaning the bathroom

    Let your creativity take over!

    A Christmas Gift Voucher Book

    A Christmas Gift Voucher Book for Him

    Men generally like things a bit less playful and elaborate. You can still of course put a lot of thought into what kind of vouchers to give him, but perhaps you could make the design of the book a bit simpler. He’ll be sure to love a modern, yet clean design with a clear structure. For this kind of design, you’ll have plenty of single-colour backgrounds to choose from, but you could also go with something a bit more structured as well. You could also go with a bit more of a simple font style.

    Tip: To ensure the text is easily readable even on more structured backgrounds, you can apply a single-colour text background as well as colour gradients and change the transparency with just a few clicks. To do this in the ifolor Designer, simply click on the option “Edit” and then “Text” in the drop-down menu. Then you’ll just have to click on “Background” and you can adjust these accordingly.

    Gift Voucher Ideas for Him

    What would bring him joy on Christmas Day? Maybe he’d like a voucher…

    • for a hike and picnic together
    • for shovelling the snow
    • for an afternoon playing laser tag together
    • for a self-cooked 3-course meal with his favourite foods

    Universal Gift Voucher Ideas

    With a gift voucher book you’ll be giving them something especially one-of-a-kind. You can really dig deep for ideas and try to come up with something really creative. Here are a couple more gift voucher ideas that would please just about anyone:

    • A voucher for an evening together playing games and chocolate fondue
    • A voucher for “First Aid” during spring-cleaning. With a bit of energetic support maybe making your home spic and span won’t seem like such a chore!
    • A voucher for a fun photo shoot with humorous outfits and accessories
    • And in order to ensure the time you’ll share together remains in memory for years to come: an ifolor gift voucher to showcase the fun times had while redeeming the vouchers in the book

    Have fun designing and presenting them your book!

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