Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

Decorate your walls with a few flicks of the wrist

The wall decorations from ifolor are quick to make and are up on your wall just as quickly. We will show you the details of the gallery print, aluminium dibond, photo canvas and wall display wall decorations.

With gallery print, aluminium dibond and wall display, the mounts have already been pre-attached or milled in (wall display) and you simply attach the photo canvas mounts to the frame. (Here we will show you how to hang up the acrylic glass).

Hanging up wall decorations

The mounting of gallery print and aluminium dibond

Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through


Measure out the picture and wall. For this you will need a pencil, a yardstick and a spirit level. Depending on the wall, the centre of your picture should be at a height of approx. 155 cm and/or two thirds of the picture should be below your eye-level and a third above. Try it out -– a friendly helper is enormously useful here, so that you can place your wall decoration on the wall perfectly. Depending on the consistency of the wall and size of the wall decoration, you should use either nails or screws/hooks.

Measure the picture, measure the wall, measure the picture, drill.

Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

Tool tip

You can catch drilling dust with a folded and stuck-together sheet of paper.

Photo canvas

Attach the mount to the genuine wood stretcher frame of the photo canvas and use nails to hang it up. Tip: if you are dealing with one of those solid walls that usually break nails, use special masonry nails and experience the triumphant feeling of driving nails into even the hardest walls as if they were made of butter.

Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

You can hang the canvas with the wedges supplied. You can find moreinformation on this in the instructions enclosed with the photo canvas.

Wall display

As with the gallery prints and aluminium dibonds, you only need to hang the wall display up on the nails or screws and you already have your wall decoration where it needs to be.

As with the wall display, the mounts are already cut out – for portrait or landscape format.

Hanging up wall decorations: walk-through

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