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  • A helmet mount is a useful accessory for the action camera in many different kinds of sports

    Tips for Action Videos with the GoPro

    In the past couple of years there have been countless videos uploaded to YouTube and other video portals of spectacular stunts performed by adrenaline junkies in a wide-variety of different kinds of sports. You’d also like to film your own videos that will ake your blood rush?

    Filming a high-grade GoPro video isn’t as easy as it might seem. With the following five tips, you’ll find out more about how you can optimise the filming process.

    The Mount

    Videos of breathtaking stunts and daring manoeuvres aren’t worth anything when the footage is blurry. That’s why the camera mount is the basis of filming a good video. The important thing here is that the mount is as secure and tight as possible in order to avoid the camera jostling around at high speeds resulting in blurred footage.

    A problem that often occurs with standard action cam mounts is the material with which they are constructed of. The plastic manufacturers frequently use can be too pliable and only able to withstand minimal stress. You could always secure the camera to the mount with the help of a bit of duct tape. This will also make sure that the camera films from the same angle the entire time and doesn’t shift around during the action. If you really want to make sure your GoPro isn’t going to go anywhere, you can also use an arresting cable to secure it to the mount.

    The Planning

    Of course there’s a lot of temptation to just get out there and start filming when you first get a GoPro camera. You should, however, take a bit of time to plan out your video. This will leave you with a good end result and you’ll save yourself from disappointment. Nothing is more frustrating than taping a lot of great footage that turns out to be unusable after the fact. One of the most important parts of planning your shoot is to make sure the battery is charged and you have enough space on your memory card.

    In order to make sure that your footage will turn out like you want it to, you should check out the display window and make sure you like what you see. To do this, just connect your smartphone to the camera through WLAN and you can adjust it as needed. When filming over the span of several days, it’s also important to save your footage at different intervals to make sure that all of your work doesn’t go to waste.


    The Perspective

    Action cameras offer many various possibilities to create interesting video footage since they are built with a wide-angle lens. Classically, videos made with the GoPro are shot from the ego perspective with the camera affixed to the helmet of the person filming. You can always change it up. You could, for instance, affix the camera to your handlebars for filming a descent on your mountain bike or attach the camera to the highest point of a boat’s mast when sailing. You can let your imagination run wild and changing up the perspective from which you film will make the overall end result that much more interesting.

    Beginners should try to change the perspective during the video as often as possible to make sure viewers don’t get bored while watching the video. You could, for instance, film a mountain bike descent together with a friend to get some footage from an outside perspective to make the video that much more interesting.

    The Lighting

    A deciding factor of the quality of your video, which you unfortunately can’t influence, is the lighting. Naturally, sunlight is ideal for the image quality, but beginners should avoid back lighting at all costs. Back lighting could cause unwanted spots in the video which could make the footage unusable. With a bit of time and practice you can learn how to film in back lighting or poor lighting conditions and even make these conditions accentuate your material.

    When filming for longer periods of time, you should especially try to film in somewhat similar lighting and weather conditions. If there is a constant change between sunshine and cloudy skies, it can make your job a bit more difficult when trying to edit together your film after you’re done shooting.

    The Process

    After preparing, it’s finally time to start filming. In order to have an especially large angle of view, you should film in “wide mode,” which is especially recommended for accentuating the surrounding landscape. Using this mode can also help keep blurring and fuzziness to a minimum.

    If you want to save yourself a lot of trouble when editing your footage after the fact, you should film in shorter clips instead of just letting your camera run the entire time. If you film something especially spectacular, you’ll be able to find it more easily later and you won’t have to endlessly search through long sequences. You can find more tips on how to edit action videos here.

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