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  • Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: Create a one-of-a-kind decoration for his or her wall.

    Give the Gift of Wall Décor for Valentine’s Day

    Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake

    For many couples, Valentine’s Day is particularly special. On this day above all others, we show our affection in small and large attentions, getting the heart to beat a little quicker. Make your loved one a unique Valentine's gift by specially designing something for his or her home. Here we’ll show you two romantic gift ideas that you can easily do yourself.

    DIY und Gift Idea for Valentine’s: A Picture Frame Full of Memories

    A Picture Frame Full of Memories

    Do you still remember your first photo together? What about that romantic selfie, the pair of you before the setting sun in Majorca? Don’t hide those beautiful memories in dusty old photo albums or on your last mobile. Instead, we have a great gift idea you can do in just a few steps.

    For this you’re going to need:

    • Picture frames with some hollow space
    • 2-3 Photos
    • Small keepsakes (e.g. theatre tickets from your first date, or a small souvenir from your last holiday together)
    Crafting materials for a picture frame with bits of memories

    Before you fill your picture frame with your favourite memories, try to think of a little epigraph: “Our First Date,” or, “Our Last Holiday” are great examples of suitable and romantic themes. Try to find two or three suitable photos and have them printed or developed on Premium Photographic Paper. Try also to find little keepsakes that match the theme of your chosen moment so you can bring it all together in the picture frame.


    To bring even more romance to your gift, find the geographic coordinates for your chosen moments. This could be the theatre you went to for your first date, or maybe the resort from your last holiday. To find the correct coordinates, take a look at Google Maps. Entering the address of your chosen location will automatically bring up the coordinates.

    Make sure to secure your photos in the frame using glue to prevent them from slipping or falling off later.

    A Canvas Print of the Most Beautiful Moments

    A second idea for a Valentine’s gift is a canvas print of your favourite moments. Just as with a picture frame, on canvas you can capture your shared memories and little mementos in a romantic moment forever.

    For this project, you’re going to need:

    • A canvas print
    • Corkboard
    • Keepsakes and photos
    Crafting materials for a canvas of beautiful moments

    Thanks to the availability of multiple templates, in just a few clicks you can design your own canvas print online from ifolor. For this project, we recommend a square format with the white “Collage” template, which has four available fields for designing.

    Before you fill your canvas with pictures, again think about a theme or motto, such as your first coffee date. Then find matching photos, while ensuring that your photos can be added to the canvas in a square format later. Moreover, the subjects of the photos should be centred. For a harmonious end result, we recommend finding pictures with a more or less uniform appearance. If this proves difficult, you can use a filter for your photos to give them a slightly more consistent look. Once you’ve uploaded the pictures, you can simply place them on the collage by dragging and dropping and then cropping them to fit. Leave one of the four places free; later you’ll glue your corkboard here in order to pin keepsakes and mementos.

    Glue corkboard on the canvas print


    Add a pair of theatre tickets to the corkboard as an extra Valentine’s surprise.

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