• Blüten im dekorativen Glasrahmen arrangieren

    Arrange flowers in a decorative glass frame

    To bring spring into your home all you need is just a few colourful accents, for example, in the form of this self-styled flower frame. You can arrange this subtle and modern decoration yourself really easily out of just a few and above all cheap materials.

    Attention: Please note that you use glass panes made of plastic (for example Plexiglas).


    And all you need for this is:

    • two panes of glass of identical size from a discarded photo frame
    • a roughly 8 centimetre wire cord to hang it up
    • strong masking tape or adhesive tape
    • decorative Washi tape
    • a selection of pressed flowers

    How to arrange flowers in a decorative glass frame


    Collect flowers you like and press them in a thick book.


    Clean both sides of the panes of glass until they are spick and span. Then place them exactly on top of each other and stick the masking tape around the frame once. Place the adhesive tape so that just under half of its width overlaps the top pane of glass.


    Then turn over the two panes of glass on top of each other so that the sticky side of the adhesive tape is facing up. Now arrange the flowers in the frame.


    Bend the wire cord now so that it can be fixed on the frame as a hanger. Place it in the middle on the side that you want to be at the top in the end.


    Now fold the overlapping sides of the adhesive tape forwards over the edge. Press them down tight so that the panes of glass are firmly on top of each other.


    Now stick over the adhesive tape with decorative Washi tape. The pretty glass frame with flowers is ready. Another option is to laminate the pressed flowers and use them as bookmarks or similar.


    Photos and text: Julia Marre • www.kommandokarottenbrei.de

    Julia Marre is a freelance author and journalist with a penchant for photography and design. She produces the blog Kommando Karottenbrei. For ifolor, she tinkers with photo products and writes about these DIY projects and self-made gifts.

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