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  • Festival photos – Two women being photographed at a festival

    Tips and Gadgets for Perfect Festival Photos

    This is how the open-air experience remains unforgettable

    Festivals are unique experiences that take place in almost every region in the summer. The point is to have fun and cool music. But at the same time, such an open-air event is always a small challenge for your own body and the equipment that you brought along – especially if you want to take home beautiful festival photos. We will introduce you to useful festival gadgets and show you with which tips you can best capture the memories.

    Tips for a memorable festival

    Since most festivals take place in the open air, you have to be prepared for one thing: the weather. Any weather can be possible, ranging from bright sunshine to constant rain. If you are not prepared for it, the festival can literally go down the drain – and that does not only impact your good mood, but can also have fatal consequences for the sensitive camera equipment. You should think about waterproof clothing, containers and accommodation. In case you’re camping, check if your tent is still waterproof. If your clothes and equipment are wet right away on the first day, it will be difficult to enjoy the festival.

    ifolor tip

    If you want to play it safe, we also recommend waterproof pack sacks and covers for smartphone and camera. These protect the sensitive technical equipment from getting moist and dusty.

    Tips for photographing at a festival

    Changing weather conditions, whirled-up dust, people jumping around and exciting stage shows – festivals are a particular challenge when it comes to taking pictures. But with some tips, you can capture your festival memories in a unique way.

    Colorful festival photos – You should also photograph the visitors

    Many modern smartphones are already waterproof and dustproof. If this is not the case, think of special protective covers. There are also waterproof cases for digital or single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras.

    Attention: Taking pictures with professional cameras may not be allowed on the festival site. Inform yourself beforehand about a possible permission, if you want to take a bigger camera with you.

    If you want to capture the bands on stage, the light conditions can often be upsetting. During the day the sun can dazzle and in the evening it is, on the other hand, too dark for a perfect concert photo. In these cases, the flash of the smartphone or the camera is less effective, since it can only light up a small area and maximally only the head of the person in the front. Nevertheless, most more modern smartphones have sufficiently good cameras and settings that can adapt to difficult lighting conditions.

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    The continuous shooting function allows you to take multiple snapshots at once. So even in difficult lighting conditions or moving objects, the chances of a good shot are higher.

    A selfie at a festival in summer

    On top of all the joy of one or the other successful stage snapshot, you should not lose sight of the festival itself. Events live by their special atmosphere so off-stage there are often beautiful moments as well that you could capture. Besides, you can also just put away the camera or smartphone and simply enjoy the festival.

    Festival gadgets and useful accessories

    In order to avoid empty batteries, you can get portable power stations for a small amount of money to quickly recharge your smartphone or camera.

    The selfie stick should not be missing at a festival. You may be traveling in a larger group, and it is not unusual to find new friends in the open atmosphere of a festival – for these group photos and for capturing the special feel of a festival at the same time, a selfie stick is the perfect smartphone accessory.

    For a more special look, use a Polaroid camera to capture special moments in a retro look and perpetuate them at home in an album or picture frame. But even without a Polaroid camera you can give your photos a retro look by using appropriate filters, and then print them as retro prints.

    Retro prints offer you a great Polaroid effect

    ifolor tip

    To make your photos at the festival especially creative and colorful, we recommend small gadgets and souvenirs such as soap bubbles, neon color, sunglasses, flower necklaces, colorful nail polish or funny headwear.

    Besides, you should have enough space on your camera and smartphone. Additional memory cards can help in case you run out of space.

    Theft protection at the festival for Smartphone and Co.

    Festivals promise fun and are overwhelmingly colorful and emotional. But on top of all the joy an event with hundreds or thousands of people also often entails small problems. Things always get lost at these events. In order to protect yourself, you should first and foremost pay attention to your valuables.

    If you stay in a hotel room during the festival, you should carry with you only the most necessary and important things and leave valuables in the room, at best in a safe. For the night in the tent, we highly recommend a combination lock which can be attached to the entrance.

    ifolor tip

    Many organizers provide additional lockers at the festival site. These require a fee, but they offer the best theft protection.

    For example, to buy food and drinks, cash is often essential. And hardly anyone would leave the smartphone back in the tent. For the valuables that you want to carry with you, we recommend a bum bag or belt bag that you can wear close to your body and at best under your clothing. Alternatively, you can of course tuck away your valuables in lockable trouser pockets.

    Capturing the most beautiful festival photos in a Photo book

    If you want to keep the feeling of a festival vivid in your memory forever, a special photo album is of course a must. In an ifolor photo book you can capture the best snapshots and remember the unique atmosphere of a festival once again.

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