• 2021 family yearbook
    The packaging design may differ from the design shown.

    Yearbook 2021: Capturing memories at the end of the year

    Another year, and certainly not an ordinary one for any of us, is drawing to a close. For us, it was a year with a particularly large number of changes. That’s because it was our first year as a little family!

    The first year with a baby is probably a very special year for every new family; full of changes, magical moments, lots of new things and many firsts. And let’s be realistic, obviously also peppered with occasional challenges and sleepless nights. And something that I believe is the same for everyone: you feel like time is literally racing! More than ever before.

    I have always enjoyed creating photo books. But the urge to also capture my digital photos on paper became much greater after the birth of our baby daughter. So, it’s time to introduce the family yearbook!

    2021 family yearbook
    2021 family yearbook

    A whole year in a photo album

    Our 2021 family yearbook is a photo book that recaps the entire year and captures the most significant moments. The first trips, get-togethers with family and friends, excursions, special events, the best photos of the little one and of us as a family, or our visits to parent & child gymnastics – I want to record all of these things for the future. Not just for us, but also for our little girl.

    But anyone who has children understands the ‘problem’: you have far too many photos! How can you possibly choose? They also include images that weren’t so great from a photographic perspective (blurred, funny cropping because it had to be done quickly, etc.), but still have an emotional meaning. I have solved this by having the best pictures in the yearbook, while putting many other photos in a booklet. I’ve already ordered 4 of those in 2021 alone. As you can see, I really love this product! :-)

    2021 family yearbook
    2021 family yearbook

    Combination of photo book & booklet

    Just like with my other photo books, I chose the ‘Premium Photo Paper’ photo book in A4 with a matt cover and matt pages inside. The quality is just fantastic and the images come out beautifully.

    The booklets are also matt and the product quality is really great. For me, these two photo books are the perfect combination for capturing our year as a family. While the big photo book is safely stowed away (from the children), the booklets can stay on the coffee table. I like to browse through them myself from time to time, but they also serve as viewing copies for visitors. The booklet is also a wonderful gift idea for grandparents or godparents!

    2021 family yearbook
    The packaging design may differ from the design shown.
    2021 family yearbook

    My tips for the yearbook:

    • Start marking favourite images during the year or store them in folders, both on your mobile phone and on the PC.
    • Take time to reminisce. Putting together a photo album can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun!
    • Do you have a lot of photos that didn’t make it into your photo album, but are too good just to gather dust on your hard drive? Then make a booklet out of them!
    • Use ifolor Designer on your PC. If the photo book gets lost or is no longer in good condition, you can reorder it from there.
    • Use text to record things that you might forget in a few years' time.
    • Always use the same format for all of your photo books. That will look better on your bookshelf!
    2021 family yearbook

    I hope you have lots of fun creating and reminiscing, and I wish you a happy new year!

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