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    Family holidays in Lower Engadine — a bucket list.

    Why travel far away when the most beautiful mountains are already on your doorstep? Lower Engadine with its original mountain villages is simply idyllic while offering many outdoor activities — especially in the snow.

    Julia spent a lot of time in Lower Engadine as a child. “I remember the icy glacial streams rushing down into the valley. Into blooming meadows full of flowers that one seldom sees today. But especially the snow. When I was three years old, I learned to ski in Davos — sliding around in a neon-green ski suit and belt — just as they were worn back then.”

    This year Julia was in Engadine for the first time as a mum, full of nostalgia and discovering many new places.

    Winter hiking the Flurina trail: an easy and wonderfully sunny panoramic trail with views of the surrounding mountains. It takes you from the Motta Naluns mountain station to Prui and you can stop off for a hot chocolate or traditional Engadine pizza en route. Or ideally both! Every few hundred metres along the way there are descriptive information points about the history of Flurina. From Prui you can hike down to Ftan or borrow a sledge and dive down into the valley.

    Sledging: It's a beautiful stretch from Prui to Ftan. Early on you'll have to master the steep curve. But once you are through that, there's a beautiful winding descent in front of you that partly runs through the forest. When you arrive at the end you want to go up again. Fortunately, there's a cable car in Ftan which makes it very easy. Again and again.

    Skiing and Snowboarding: Scuol has a beautiful ski area that is manageable in size. A multitude of winter sports courses are on offer for the young and old alike. If mum and dad and the little ones need a well-deserved break, there is a crèche on Motta, with sleeping area, playroom and an outdoor play paradise.

    Excursion to the village of Guarda: this quaint little village was the source of inspiration and play for the children's book “Schellenursli” by Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet. There is a small museum with exhibiting rooms and traditional crafts. It is quite magical and even for adults, it feels like a fairytale.

    Sleigh ride by horse: San Jon provides all kinds of experiences around horses — including winter sleigh rides into the valley of S-charl. It's a delightful experience for the whole family — even for the inexperienced rider. The more experienced can ride the horses — by the hour or even over several days. There are also youth riding camps for young people. Our little one can go there when she's bigger. And mum will go along too!

    Igloo and snowman building: since practically everywhere in Lower Engadine is the great outdoors, this is the right place to let off steam. By building snow castles, igloos and snow people, for example! Until everyone's energy and the daylight run out.

    Learn more about Lower Engadine here.


    Your skiing holiday experiences can be ideally captured in a photo album.

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