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    Extravagant Christmas presents for discerning tastes

    Are you looking for a little luxury for your loved ones? Large-format photos printed on exquisitely elegant materials make any home look beautiful and stylish. And you turn any photo into a personal work of art. Your unique photos ensure the individual touch. 

    We have put together three extravagant gift ideas for you!

    Multi-photo canvases as a real eye-catcher

    You can create wonderful effects with very little effort with a multi-photo canvas. You literally make more out of your most beautiful photos by splitting up the motif and due to the high-quality canvas print. The versions range from a duo to quattro—the motif is crucial for the number you choose. Square photo motifs are suitable for the quattro option as they are split into four smaller squares. All the other versions are ideal for longer motifs as they can either be divided and hung up vertically or horizontally. Tip: Create elegant effects on your photos using appropriate photo editing software, for example a “painting” look that makes your photos look like an oil painting or watercolour. These effects give your most wonderful memories the perfect finish.

    Your photo on acrylic glass plate and aluminium—unusual and spacious

    With Gallery Print, we print your photos on an acrylic glass plate and apply it to a light and stable aluminium bonded panel. This makes it look bright with spatial depth and the colours really come into their own without any frame at all. This wall decoration often goes better with modern interior design than classically framed photos. Any motif can basically be shown off elegantly as a Gallery Print: family snapshots, wedding photos, landscapes or portraits. Our suggestion: Have photos with architecture motifs from unusual perspectives printed as a Gallery Print. When choosing the motif, take the room where this elegant Christmas present is going to hang later on as guidance. The chosen format depends on which section of the photo is most powerful and how much room the work of art is to take up. Large formats looks best when they have plenty of space on the wall and don’t hang too close to other decorative elements. When choosing the motif and format, you should take the interior style and furniture as well as the predominant colours in the room into account so that the recipient can impressively show off their new Gallery Print to match its surroundings. Making Christmas dreams come true!

    Elegant photo books on real photo paper

    You can get photo books from ifolor in many different varieties—our new photo book on real Premium photo paper is superb quality. The thick paper and special binding, which means the inside pages always lie flat, make the photo book durable and ideal for lasting memories. How about scanning in old family photos and combining them with current pictures to create a family chronology? You can capture your family’s history over many years or decades in a book. Popular stories and anecdotes can also be included in your family book as text. We offer many suitable design templates to show off your photos. It’s not just the grandparents who will enjoy this and are sure to remember many of the experiences associated with the photos but also the grandchildren for whom the old photos open up a whole new world. Your loved ones are sure to like being swept up in old and new memories around the Christmas tree.

    Tip: Have multiple copies of the book produced and give every member of the family one.

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