• Easter gifts

    Easter gifts for the whole family

    As we all know, Easter is all about delicious chocolate, sweet Easter bunnies or colourful painted Easter eggs! The current situation is not easy and none of us are able to see our loved ones quite as often as we would like. They will thereforebe even more pleased to receive a small gift at Easter for a change, to show them that we are still thinking about them in these difficult times! Today, I’m going to show you how you can make your Easter basket even more personalised!

    Home decor for grandparents

    It's common knowledge that grandmas love cushions of all colours and shapes. So, how about a new photo cushion for their living room or for on their dining chairs? Conveniently, they can be printed on both sides, which not only gives the option of adding a cute photo of the grandchildren, but also a personal message for the grandparents.

    A cosy microfibre fleece blanket would go with this perfectly! It keeps you warm on cold days and is a great eye-catching accessory for every living room. And it means that grandpa doesn’t go empty-handed either!

    Shake photo frame for your godfather

    The shake photo frame makes a welcome change to conventional picture frames.It can be filled with either snow, hearts or sand. As the picture can be changed quite easily, you could also order a new photo for your godfather every now and then – perhaps for his birthday or at Christmas. Or a cute picture you have painted yourself would also look great in the shake frame! Whether it's for the office or the living room, colleagues and guests will be amazed.

    Shake photo frame

    Smartphone case for your godmother

    Most people now own a smartphone, so your godmother is sure to be one of them! Why not give her a cover for it, so she can always carry your most special memories around with her. It is also useful because it protects against scratches, dirt and other wear and tear.

    Craft tip

    I have got some simple craft tips for you to ensure that the smartphone case looks even more beautiful and personal.

    Colorful Dots on Smartphone case

    Colourful dots using nail polish

    With just a little nail polish and a cotton bud, you can quickly and easily conjure up some colourful dots on the cover. This will give the gift a really personal touch!

    Smartphone Case with Washi Tape

    Washi Tape

    You can also use colourful washi tape to create patterns above or below your image. Just be inspired!

    Smartphone Case with glitter

    Let it sparkle!

    Simply draw a pattern (e.g. a heart?) on the film using glue and then sprinkle it with glitter. Clean up the edges with a clean brush and you’re done!

    Ready, steady, stick!

    Our photo stickers are also a great way to jazz up everyday objects. That means a phone case too! You can add a cool slogan to the photo in sticker form in no time at all.

    Photo puzzle for your cousins

    Your cousins will also be more than happy to receive something personalised for their Easter baskets, I'm sure. And as everyone – young or old – likes puzzles, then a photo puzzle would be the perfect gift! It combines puzzle fun with your fondest memories from your last holiday together or with that funny snapshot from your family party. Add a matching frame and the whole thing can even be hung up at the end!

    Fun for everyone!

    The Sigg bottle is the ideal gift for young or old! Whether it's for grandparents to take on their Sunday hike, to accompany cousins on fun days at school or for godparents to use during a hectic day at the office – this lightweight drinking bottle will always be there to quench their thirst and your snapshot will also add alittle joy to their day.

    I hope I have been able to inspire you to make your Easter baskets a bit more personal and creative. All that’s missing now is some chocolate and some colourful painted Easter eggs and the joy is complete!

    Samira Hammami

    Samira Hammami

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