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    When chicks dye eggs themselves: DIY Easter fun with children

    “inspire” explains how: Easter egg dyeing is this simple

    Anyone who wants to create immense joy in anticipation of Easter should dye Easter eggs together with their children. Dying eggs and helpful children’s hands – are definitely not two mutually exclusive things. On the contrary, children have great fun in seeing how they can achieve such beautiful stripy effects on eggs with a bit of dye. And this dyeing technique is really child’s play!

    Oster-Eier-Färben: Vorbereitungen

    Eggs are dyed this quickly:

    1. All the material you need are white eggs – preferably pre-boiled. Plus, food dyes (or alternatively egg dyes) as well as a wine glass.

    Oster-Eier-Färben: Farbe anrühren

    2. Now press some of the food dye out of the tube into the glass. This is a job that children can help wonderfully with. Add a splash of water to the dye and stir until the liquid is an even colour.

    Oster-Eier-Färben: Ei im Glas

    3. Then take the first of the eggs and place it upright in the liquid. Only about a quarter of it should be covered by the dye and the rest should be peeking out of the red dye bath.

    Oster-Eier-Färben: Ei im Glas

    4. Repeat the process with another colour. Food dyes can also be easily mixed – here there is one red and red and yellow combined into a rich orange in another glass.


    5. Wait for roughly three to five minutes before filling each glass with a bit of water. Because the water is constantly added to with this dyeing method, the egg colour varies greatly and a pretty stripy effect can be seen. It really is child’s play to achieve this. The magic technique is simply called: wait and see. As it’s only once a few minutes have passed that the dye has stained the eggshell sufficiently and the next colour accent can be added with a splash of water.

    Oster-Eier-Färben: Gradient eggs

    6. The finished dyed eggs impress with their elliptical coloured rings and different shades. And the little chicks are sure to have just as much fun peeling the coloured shell as their little fingers had with the dyeing and stirring. Egg tapping is of course allowed too. Have fun and Happy Easter!

    Text & Photos: Julia Marre

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