• Smartphone Case mit Fingerabdrücken von Kindern

    Wintry smartphone case with cute children’s fingerprints

    Children love experimenting with colour. Their own fingerprints in particular are an exciting experiment and can be designed a variety of ways. Cuddly reindeer are created out of four fingerprints and a few lines in no time at all. And anyone who wants a really special protective cover for their iPhone is sure to love such a pretty, personalised gift!

    Creating a smartphone case instructions

    Kind, Fingerabdrücke, Papier

    1. Material

    All the material you need is an ink pad and sheet of white paper. And of course a child who fancies pressing their fingertips onto the ink pad first and then the paper.

    2. Decorating

    Regardless of how the fingerprints are arranged on the paper, funny faces or animals can be drawn out of any oval fingerprint using just a few lines. Or you can draw a sun or Christmas tree on the paper for your child to then fill in with their fingerprints.

    3. Scanning and photographing

    Once you have stamped a suitable picture using fingers, scan the motif in high resolution or take a photo of it in bright daylight.

    4. Designing a picture using the template – TIP!

    The trick with a self-designed children’s fingerprint smartphone case is in using a picture where the template, in our case the reindeer, appears several times.

    This is relatively easy to do:

    • Open the Fotor online photo editing program (www.fotor.com)
    • Choose “Design” on the start page.
    • Select the poster (under “Events” or “Most Popular”).
    • Import the scanned template (“Import Photos”) and drag it into the work area.
    • Copy the template (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V or Apple-C, Apple-V) as often as you like and position the copied templates to suit.
    • Click “Save” and save the file to your computer in the largest quality possible.

    5. Creating a smartphone case online

    Once the motif has been finished in the photo editing program, it can easily be ordered as a smartphone case. You can choose from different designs and of course have lots of different pictures printed on a smartphone case instead of one single motif.

    Tip: The “matt” option was chosen for the smartphone case shown.

    Download Vorlage

    Kind, Fingerabdrücke, Papier

    FIf you liked the cuddly reindeer so much that you would rather do without the ink pad colour:

    Here’s the original template for free download.

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    She plays around with photo products for ifolor and writes about these DIY projects and self-styled gifts.

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