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    Five Ideas for a Creative Mother’s Day Gift

    Five Ideas for a Creative Mother’s Day Gift

    Dear Dads, Mother’s Day is not far away. Did you know that your women are real superheroines? You lovely Dads are too, of course. You wave your superhero cape around every day too. That’s not being questioned here. And us women really do appreciate it! But on Mother’s Day us Mums are now being celebrated.

    So it certainly can be said for once that we’re superheroines, can’t it? Go on then. We’re superheroines because…

    • …we carry a baby and go without our much-loved sushi for whole 9 months
    • …we stand in the kitchen at 5 a.m. in our superhero pyjamas making up bottles
    • …we have the breakfast ready on the table at 7 a.m. Thanks to dry shampoo!
    • …we always look pretty even with dark circles under our eyes and snot on our jumper
    • …we watch patiently as our children try to tie their shoelaces
    • …we more or less make it to the play group or childcare on time
    • …we spend entire afternoons on the children’s playground, pushing swings and building sand castles
    • …we conjure up crocodiles out of carrots and Easter bunnies out of toilet rolls
    • …we never, I mean never, forget spare nappies. Ok, maybe sometimes
    • …we bake the most fantastic children’s birthday cakes
    • …we drop into bed dead tired at 11 p.m. only to comfort the crying baby just an hour later
    • …we rock at managing the whole family
    • …we also still earn our own money, almost as an aside, and wangle that whole reconciling family and job thing

    So and now dear Dads. Have you already found a Mother’s Day gift for your favourite heroine? I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes. But you probably haven’t got anything yet, have you? Well, I’m going to give you a bit of a helping hand. Here are a few lovely and definitely personal ideas for Mother’s Day.

    Mother’s Day gift

    1. Photo puzzle

    Superheroines love being really spoilt now and again. How about breakfast in bed? No Mum is going to object to croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice. As long as you brush away the crumbs afterwards… You can hand over your Mother’s Day gift in the form of a photo puzzle. Either choose a ready-made design from ifolor or make your own, like me, and create a pretty text image using the Word Swag app beforehand.

    photo puzzle

    2. Mobile phone case

    Does your loved one have a smartphone? Then maybe she would like a personally designed mobile phone case. I have just used one photo so you can see the picture better and created the text “Best Mum” using the Word Swag app again. But there are different design templates that you can choose from with ifolor too.

    Mobile phone case

    3. Photo mugs

    May I present: herb garden meets photo mugs. Create a photo mug for every member of the family and plant little herbs in them. Place the mugs on a lovely board and wrap the whole thing up with transparent paper. Alternatively, flowers can be used too. Anyone who wants to can buy or make a little decoration, aka cake topper (e.g. with the saying “Supermum!”) and stick it in with the little plant.

    Photo mugs

    4. Kitchen calendar

    For anyone who swears by paper schedulers: this kind of kitchen calendar is a practical tool for family management. You can not only enter birthdays and play dates on them but treat days too. Together with your children think of a personal gift once a month and write it in on the appropriate day. For example: Voucher for a foot massage, for a bouquet of flowers, for a cake baked by you, for a relaxing bath, for Sunday brunch etc.

    Kitchen calendar

    5. Photo greeting cards

    And last but not least I’d like you to take the following to heart. Dear Dads, flowers are ALWAYS a perfect Mother’s Day gift! Pick a wonderful bunch of flowers with your children or buy one. To go with this, create a photo greeting card (mine in the picture is a maxicard in A4 format), with your children think about why your partner and their Mum is your favourite, personal superheroine and write this on the card.

    Photo greeting cards

    All the pictures in this feature were taken by Isabelle Kade / Mini & Stil and are subject to copyright.

    Isabelle Kade from Mini & Stil

    Isabelle Kade from Mini & Stil

    Isabelle Kade is the founder of the “Mini und Stil” Mum and lifestyle blog, she is a Mum to two girls and lives with her family in Zurich. She regularly reports on her life as a Mum on miniundstil.ch and inspires roughly 7,000 followers on Instagram with her wonderfully soft visual aesthetics.

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