Inspiration for your travel diaries

Travel Diary: With your photos of around the world

Immortalise your most beautiful holiday memories in a photo book

Whether it’s city breaks, beach or adventure holidays - all kinds of travel destinations offer countless subjects for a photo book. Immortalise your personal memories and your travel stories in bound form.

Inspiration for your travel diaries

Your trip as a story

People are happy to upload their own snapshots to Facebook or Instagram and share them with friends during their holidays. However, to really appreciate the most successful shots, printed photo books are the right choice as a photo book’s visual experience cannot be compared to clicking through a photo gallery on a mobile.
There are also no creative limits set when designing a photo book! Today, I show you how to create a fancy travel diary: you can combine beautiful photos with inspiring texts, create collages with funny photos, stick in special mementos and draw your favourite places on maps. Tell your very personal story with your travel diary!

Inspiration for your travel diaries
Inspiration for your travel diaries
Inspiration for your travel diaries

Preparation and planning

Tell a story with your travel diary and plan your photo book even before your trip. Which stories do you want to tell and which photos do you need for this? Should the final result mainly show beautiful landscape photos or the funniest moments with friends and family?
Whatever you decide: start taking photos while you’re still at home! Whether it’s the plane ticket, a half-packed suitcase or photos on board the plane, as these memories in particular give your story a common thread.
Also prepare a to-do list for your holiday. What do you want to see? What do you want to experience? What do you want to achieve? As you can really easily integrate these into your travel diary too so that you never forget any of your holiday highlights!

Sights and everyday life

Your is often pulled out where others do so too: an exciting city’s historical spots and picturesque beaches are wonderful settings after all. But to let a sight shine in a new light it’s worth pausing briefly and thinking about other possibilities: try out new, unusual perspectives. Go there early in the morning or late in the evening. Play with the way the light falls or use bad weather now and again to achieve beautiful effects.
By the way, everyday life in a foreign place is also a popular scene for picture stories: people on the Metro, at the weekly market or street art show a city’s refreshing and personal perspective and also tell a story.

Tips for travel photography

My secret tip:

Usually just one person takes the photos on holiday, who is then rarely seen in the photos themselves. Sharing the photography among the family members and friends is not just fun but also produces other angles. As adults and children percent the world from different perspectives.
Ask strangers on the street to take a photo of you now and again – or give the camera to your children! Then collate all the photos at the end of your holidays and be surprised by the special memories that have been created.

Inspiration for your travel diaries

Don’t take too many photos

With today’s technology, you can take photos at any time and everywhere and it’s just the battery’s life that might possibly cause concern. There is usually plenty of space for photos. Despite this, it is wonderful to select these special moments carefully. You don’t have to reach for your camera with every beautiful moment: capturing one special, delicious evening meal is enough, you don’t have to photograph every one. Staging a sunset in photos is exciting but then capturing each one on a trip is almost too much of a good thing. So you can safely leave your camera in its case now and again and simply enjoy the moment.

If you have still taken more photos than planned in the end, try to use them as originally as possible. Selfies are not just for uploading to Instagram or Facebook, why not dedicate a page to your most beautiful snapshots of you or with your friends, for example in the form of a funny collage. Add the name and address to shots of your favourite restaurant’s delicious food to then serve as a recommendation to friends or to save you from searching for a long time on indulgent trips.

Tips for travel photography


Tips for travel photography

Back home

Now you can get creative. To give your personal travel diary a special touch, you can also stick in entry tickets or train tickets from the country you travelled to. If you went to several places, insert a map and mark your route. Beautiful illustrations typical of the country bring freshness to your travel diary.
You can also really easily edit photos online nowadays, for example your landscape photos may look more elegant in black and white or you can insert an inspiring saying that sums up the moment for you in words.

Cover tip: Create a cool, personalised photo book cover by choosing a funny illustration or a map of your travel destination.

Do you still need some inspiration? Then download the ifolor travel photography e-book and read more useful tips on travel photography.

Inspiration for your travel diaries

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