A Cooking Calendar as a Christmas Gift

Photo calendars are very popular gifts during the Christmas season. The reasons for this are clear: the calendars are simple and inexpensive to create, there are a multitude of different designs at your disposal, and you can use your own personal photos to bring joy to grandparents, parents, siblings, partners, as well as friends. In order to put a new spin on this popular Christmas gift, you could make a one-of-a-kind photo calendar this year: a cooking calendar! Use your very own photos and your favourite recipes to create a real eye-catching Christmas gift perfect for any kitchen.

Pick out Photos for Your Cooking Calendar

After picking out 12 tasty recipes, the only thing left to do is to design your cooking calendar. This is very easy to do online at ''Photo Calendars'' Besides the necessary photos for each month of the year, you’ll also need a good photo for the calendar’s cover. With the ability to use up to 145 different photos for your calendar your imagination will know no bounds.

You’ll definitely need photographs of the cooked dishes when designing each month’s pages. You can find tips and tricks for photographing culinary dishes in our guidebook on Food Photography.

Besides using photos of the finished dish, it’s also recommended to use close-up shots of the ingredients necessary to cook the dish and perhaps a couple of photographs of the dish in between various steps of the recipe. You could also use other great motifs for your personalised cooking calendar such as a decorated dinner table or the whole family gathered together to eat.

Designing the calendar to give away as a Christmas gift is half the fun - you’ll be sure to have just as much fun when finally being able to give the recipient their calendar.

We wish you a good time and bon appétit!


The Cooking Calendar - Choosing the Recipes

For your own cooking calendar you’ll need 12 scrumptious recipes. You can of course choose any recipe you wish, however, it is recommended to keep the seasons in mind when choosing your recipes. These recipes can be dishes that are traditionally eaten during certain times of the year or perhaps main ingredients that are harvested during that particular month and are bound to end up on the dinner plate.

Recipes for January

Wild game and fish are often on the menu in January. In the cold days of this month, these ingredients are often complimented with root or tuber vegetables such as black salsify and celery root. Hearty stews and casseroles are also right at home in January.

Recipe ideas:

  • Brussels sprouts and potato casserole
  • Rutabaga stew
  • Roast venison with black salsify


Recipes for February

Wintery salads and wild and leafy vegetables dominate the menu in February. It’s also not uncommon to see local winter apples and pears on the plate.

Recipe ideas:

  • Radicchio and noodle casserole
  • Apple-flavoured red cabbage with marinated beef
  • Green cabbage stew


Recipes for March

In the transitional month of March, the last bit of winter ingredients mix together with the first harvests of the spring. Young spinach and tasty cresses as well as fresh bear’s garlic bring some freshness to the dinner table.

Recipe ideas:

  • Spinach gorgonzola fettuccine with salmon
  • Veal chops with lightly braised shallots
  • Red beet salad with cresses


Recipes for April

The first month of spring brings along with it a fresh harvest of rhubarb, spinach, herbs, and asparagus. This month sees a transition from hearty stews to lighter soups and fresh ingredients.

Recipe ideas:

  • Spring onions with green beans and red peppers
  • Swiss chard quiche
  • Penne with rocket salad, bear’s garlic, and pesto


Recipes for May

May is the perfect time for fish dishes, especially halibut and trout. Fresh herbs and vegetables from the market compliment the fish perfectly. Just add a crispy salad and you’re ready to dig in!

Recipe ideas:

  • Garden sorrel soup
  • Trout with baby potatoes in dill sauce
  • Spinach with potatoes and hollandaise sauce


Recipes for June

The selection of fresh vegetables in June is especially large and sweet fruit and berries are a big part of the menu. Light fish dishes or tender chicken fits the bill much better in this month than hearty meals.

Recipe ideas:

  • Cauliflower and ham casserole
  • Salmon with fresh peas and rice
  • Chicken filets with green beans and spring onions


Recipes for July

The fruit bowl fills to overflowing in July - sweet apricots and bright red cherries are available in droves. You should avoid eating anything too heavy in the hot weather and instead go for light salads, tasty cakes, and tender fish filets.

Recipe ideas:

  • Apricot tart
  • Paella with fresh peas
  • Seared whitefish with sautéed kohlrabi


Recipes for August

The hot month of August continues to offer us a rich array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Various casseroles and crispy salads really do the trick this month.

Recipe ideas:

  • Aubergine pasta with shaved parmesan
  • Cod filet with fennel
  • Mixed salad with strips of chicken and aromatic radish


Recipes for September

The summer heat starts to abate and it’s once again time to eat wild game. The first signs of autumn start to appear on the dinner table, but it’s still possible to get the trailing end of the summer harvest. This gives you a wide expanse of possibilities during September.

Recipe ideas:

  • Mixed salad with roasted nuts
  • Zucchini au gratin with feta cheese and tomato chutney
  • Entrecôte with broccoli


Recipes for October

Pumpkins are aplenty in the month of October and you can use cabbage and nuts to complement dishes on the menu. As the days get shorter and colder, warm stews and hearty roasts start to hit the spot again.

Recipe ideas:

  • Pumpkin cream soup with roasted strips of duck
  • Roast pork with broccoli
  • Potato dumplings with red cabbage


Recipes for November

In the cold month of November we start to see various kinds of cabbage and nuts bedeck the dinner table. These are complimented by venison and savoury beef.

Recipe ideas:

  • Beef roulade with red cabbage and dumplings
  • Savoy cabbage casserole with potatoes and speck
  • Creamy potato soup with sour cream


Recipes for December

The Christmas season is traditionally a time for feasting, including savoury stews, cookies, and of course the Christmas goose.

Recipe ideas:

  • Rib eye in a peanut crust
  • Stuffed cabbage with mashed potatoes
  • Brussels sprout salad with oyster mushrooms


Product tip:

It’s possible to create a cooking calendar from any one of our Photo Calendars. Large format Wall Calendars are especially well suited since they have space for a lot of photos. You could also go for the long and narrow Kitchen Calendar with enough room for 20 photos.

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