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    The Christmassy Photo Pennant Streamer - A Real Eye Catcher Made with Your Very Own Photos

    Add to your decorations this Christmas season with photos of your most precious memories and display them so everyone can see the year you’ve had. Garlands of photo pennants will give your home an extra bit of cosiness during this reflective time of the year. This will also help keep this year’s Christmas celebration alive in your and your loved ones’ memories.

    The Photo Pennant Streamer: A Christmas Decoration and Gift for Family and Friends

    Creating a garland of photos gives you the opportunity to really push your creativity to its limits. Design your pennants with images, graphics, text, and quotes to tell your own personal story through your creation. You’ll be able to take a look back at the year you’ve had and revel in your wonderful memories.

    Festive streamers are popular decorations for birthdays, weddings, New Year’s Eve parties, as well as for Christmas. A photo pennant streamer designed for Christmas isn’t only a real eye-catcher for your own home; it can also be used as a creative and personalised Christmas gift for friends and relatives. Let your memories come to life while hanging over the fireplace or near the Christmas tree - all while getting ready for the holidays.

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    So erstellen Sie sich Ihre persönliche Wimpelkette aus Fotos

    Look through your photos, find the best ones, and develop these in a suitable size. For the photo pennants, we recommend using photos that are a bit larger (i.e. 20 cm). You can then optionally add graphics, text, and/or quotes. You could also print out some of the photos with important dates displayed on them. Whether you go for colourful prints or pictures in black and white, there are no limits to your creativity.

    After that, cut the photos into the same size. In order to do this simply and end up with uniform results, you can use a piece of cardboard or construction paper as a stencil. Here you can download and print out a corresponding template with short instructions.

    Then take a string or cord and attach the photos in a fold. Red, green, or golden cord works best to give your streamer more of a Christmas feel. Now you can place your photos in the desired order and attach them to the streamer with a bit of space in between each pennant. Make sure you fold and firmly attach the photos to the streamer so they don’t slip around.

    You then have the option of attaching some threaded cotton balls between the pennants or you could spray your photos with a glittering finish. You can also use Christmas-themed stickers such as stars or Christmas trees to add a bit of pizzazz to your streamer. Create your streamer together with your loved ones using your best photos and usher in the holiday season as a family. This will enable you to lend your Christmas photo pennant streamer a completely personal note and you’ll also be able to spend some precious time with your family.

    Product tip:

    Develop your best photos online in just a few clicks! We recommend premium photo paper in 20-cenimetre format.

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