• Personalised window decorations made from your own photos - especially festive Christmas decorations

    Christmas Window Decorations Made from Your Best Photos

    The holiday season draws closer and a lot of us are happy to see it arrive and are already starting to go through boxes to dig out the Christmas decorations. Your home is a place where you can really usher in some Christmas cosiness. You can extend the scope of this feeling to also reach your neighbours by creating some window decorations. Do something really creative this year and make your own window decorations using our Photo Greeting Cards.

    Paper Cuttings Made from Landscape Photos - How to Create Your Own Personal Window Decorations

    Paper cutting patterns are traditional and simple-to-implement decorative elements for windows, mirrors, and doors. Complement your paper cuttings with one of your favourite photos and remember some of your most cherished moments as the year comes to an end.

    You should first choose a paper cutting pattern to use - this will serve as the basis of your Christmas window decoration. Here you can find a pattern we’ve created that you can use as a template. Other motifs such as a Christmas tree or a snowman would also work nicely. Unleash your creativity while making your decorations.

    Using a template makes it really easy to create your own window decorations out of your photo prints

    Then, look for some suitable pictures in your photo collection that you could use for your paper cutting. We especially recommend wintery landscape photos or any photos with a wintery feel.

    Here you can order your favourite photo as a Maxicard. Then you can lay your printed-out pattern on your Maxicard and cut the photo while following along the pattern.

    After that, affix your decoration to the window so that the photo side is visible and only the white side of the paper cutting is visible from outdoors. You can use double-sided tape, sticky tack, or adhesive photo corners to affix your decoration to the window.

    You can complement your window decoration further with self-made stars in order to give it an extra Christmassy feel. Here we’ve prepared two different star patterns for you to download. You can make these out of Christmas-coloured construction cardboard or wrapping paper or perhaps by using some of our photo prints so you can integrate some of your best photos into your festive window decoration.

    You can also decorate your windowsill with snow spray and natural elements such as small Christmas tree branches or fir cones to really set the scene. Now you’ve got your own creative window decoration for the Christmas season!

    Alternatively, you could make your own photo pennant chain to use as part of your Christmas decorations this year. You can find out how to make your own here.

    Product tips:

    Create your own Christmas window decorations and order your photo greeting card in Maxi-format here. You can also use our Paper Cutting Template.

    Here you can order photo prints for creating your Christmas photo stars and you can also gladly use our Star Patterns.

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