• Children’s photos showcased in the frameless photo display on a kitchen shelf - decorating your kitchen with photos

    Children’s Photos as an Individualised Kitchen Decoration

    Bring Some Family Charm into Your Kitchen with the ifolor Photo Display

    In residential magazines, catalogues, and Pinterest you can always see stylish dream kitchens - from modern to rustic. What these kitchens are missing, however, is something personal and a touch of day-to-day family chaos.

    Many kitchens are completely tiled and functionally equipped. Due to all the different kitchen appliances and food storage it can be a bit difficult to find enough free space to decorate your kitchen with personal photos. How, then, can you bring a bit of family charm into your kitchen? We’ll show you a creative way to use our photo display.

    Photos of Cooking and Baking with the Kids

    Children’s happiness is infectious; the little ones love to help in the kitchen and have tons of fun doing so, whether it’s baking muffins for their birthday or cooking a meal while relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon. No one shows emotions so unrestrained quite like children do. When taking freshly baked cookies out of the oven and their eyes widen with joy, this is the perfect moment to take a photo. This makes it a good idea to have your camera readily available while in the kitchen.

    Perspective is everything here. You’ll end up with the best results when you photograph at eye-level with the little ones. You should also make sure you have enough surrounding light. Even if it might be cosier to bake cookies in low lighting, this will greatly limit the quality of your photos. Lighting conditions tend to be most optimal at midday for photographing indoors since you’ll most likely have enough natural light at this time. If it’s already quite dark outside, you can use some bright indoor lights to help. Using a flash, however, will distort the lighting conditions and should be avoided. On the other hand, if your young ones don’t want to hold still, using a flash is sometimes the only way to ensure you end up with sharp photos. The most important thing is to just have fun! Making a bit of a mess, sampling while cooking, and experimenting are sure to elicit emotions.

    Placed on the kitchen shelf, your children’s photos are wonderfully showcased on the photo display

    A Photo of Baking with Your Children as a Photo Display

    Thanks to the frameless plastic surface of the ifolor photo display, you’ll be able to enjoy looking at your photos for years to come without having to worry about staining them with oil or other spots. The 6mm-thick wooden panel is very robust and comes equipped with a stand. High-quality printing will really make your pictures shine.

    You can order the photo display in the formats 13 x 18 cm, 13 x 29 cm, and 20 x 25 cm. Besides the frameless photo variation shown here, there are 65 various design templates and borders for you to choose from for different seasons and occasions. While designing your photo display, you can also choose between portrait and landscape format to ensure your photo is optimally displayed.

    Giving Memories as a Gift

    A photo display of course also makes a wonderful gift idea, especially for special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Christmas. Some of the design templates feature text fields where you can add your personal message to the recipient. Especially grandma and grandpa always enjoy receiving cute photos of their grandchildren.

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