Arrange and Display Photo Greeting Cards

Christmas is the time of festively decorated houses and flats. Besides decorating the Christmas tree, fairly lights are hung up and candles are set out to create a cosy atmosphere. In the following article we’ll show you a great idea of how to display picture postcards, photos, and gift vouchers as a part of your Christmas decorations.

Festive Table Decorations - How It’s Done

You can create your own festive table decorations with ease and simplicity. All you’ll need to craft these decorations are fir cones or small wooden slabs, picture postcards and/or photos as well as a saw.

1. For this DIY project, you’ll first need some nice fir cones. In order to make sure everyone likes the new Christmas decorations, have the whole family have a hand in the project and start out with a day in the fresh air collecting the necessary natural materials. It’s best to collect large and robust fir cones for crafting.

Instead of using fir cones, you could also use small wooden slabs to create your table decorations. For those of you who’d rather not chop off branches from a tree yourself, you can find what you’re looking for in a home improvement store or online. It’s especially easy to find the materials necessary for creating Christmas decorations during the cold winter months.

2. Once you’ve gotten your fir cones and your wooden slabs, it’s time to make use of your saw. Carefully cut a recession into about the middle of the fir cone or the wooden slab. Then you can stick in the picture postcards or photos you’ve chosen to display. If you want to make sure your newly created decorations survive until the end of the holidays, then you can use an inconspicuous amount of glue to hold the photos in place.

To refine your decorations a bit more, affix your fir cones and wooden slabs to a candleholder or a wooden snowflake (which you can find in just about every crafts store). Use a hot glue gun to attach the fir cones and wooden slabs to the snowflakes and then you can reuse your decorations for next year’s holiday season.


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Christmas Table Decorations

If displaying postcards and photos with the fir cones and wooden slabs isn’t enough, here are a couple more ideas of how you can create your own decorations.

If you’re planning a large Christmas feast and have invited all your family and friends, you can also use the craft idea mentioned above to create festive seating cards. For this you can use photos of your guests taken at previous events or shared outings. You can then print out the image on a high quality photo greeting card. Doing this comes with the advantage of the cards being sturdier than normal print outs of photos. Finally, you can craft together the individualised seating cards and set each card at the right seat. Ifolor also gives you the advantage of being able to print out your photo greeting cards with a personal note. Surprise all of your loved ones with a personal Christmas message along with their card.


You can also use these ideas to festively display your Christmas presents. If you’re giving someone a gift voucher, for instance, you don’t have to just set the voucher under the tree. Present them your gift with self-crafted decorations and bring a smile to their face this Christmas season!

Product Tips:

It’s best to use unfolded greeting cards such as greeting cards in 20 x 10 format or maxicards. In the ifolor Online Editor, you can easily choose from a wide assortment of Christmas templates that you can use to display your best photos and insert your own personal message.

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