• An Acrylic Photo Block as a Swappable Christmas Picture Frame

    An Eye-Catching Acrylic Photo Block for Christmas

    Countless Design Possibilities with This Swappable Picture Frame

    Photos printed on acrylic glass are very popular wall decorations. The high-quality acrylic glass really brings out the colours in the photo and transforms every picture into a real eye-catcher. Now you also have the option of using this quality material for picture frames. The acrylic photo block is a fantastic swappable picture frame that you can use to beautify your own home or surprise one of your family members this Christmas.

    The acrylic photo block is 18 millimetres thick and is able to stand firmly on any surface.

    What Makes the Photo Block so Special?

    The acrylic photo block is 18 millimetres thick and is able to stand firmly on any surface. The borderless design gives the photo block a very modern look and goes well with any decorating style. The circa 2-centimetre-thick acrylic glass layer lends your photos a brilliant depth and shows off their vivid colours. And the best thing is: the photo block is a swappable picture frame. With a flick of the wrist you can change out the photo for another one of your favourites. This is all made possible by the magnetic metal backing which secures the photo to the acrylic block. Thus, you can constantly change out your photos without worrying about your photo block showing signs of wear and tear. The photo block is available in five different sizes. From 9x13 to 20x30 cm, you’ll find the right acrylic block for any standard picture size.

    The Photo Block as a Christmas Gift

    You could of course simply put a family picture taken in the winter into the photo block and give it to someone; the acrylic block is a real eye-catcher all by itself.

    However, with just a few flicks of the wrist you can transform the acrylic block into a completely personalised Christmas gift by using your own photos.

    Christmas Collage

    If arranging a Christmas photo collage, you should go with the photo block in 20x30 cm format, which will give you enough room for adding your photos. Start out by choosing a single-colour background and cut this background out of construction paper into a size that will fit in the photo block. Red or green backgrounds are perfect for Christmas. Then look through your photos to find about five of your favourites. When selecting which photos to use, make sure to keep in mind that the most important portions of the photos shouldn’t always be in the middle since you’re going to have to cut them out and some parts of the photos will be hidden. It would be best here to choose photos where the focus is in a different portion of each photo. You can then develop your photos in the smallest format possible, such as 9x13 cm. You can find an overview of available formats here.

    Also make sure that all the pictures have the same orientation. Thus, you should use either 5 landscape or 5 portrait format photos. Then place two pictures each in the upper and lower part of your photo block. If arranging in landscape format, you’ll have 2 centimetres of free space left and if arranging in portrait format, you’ll end up with 4 centimetres free. You can use this empty space as either a border around the photos or use it to put some space between the pictures. This is where your previously made background comes into play. You can further decorate this border with Christmas greetings or patterns.

    Then place your fifth picture in the middle of the photo block. You could optionally cut the picture out as a circle so it doesn’t end up covering up too much of the other photos.

    If you’d like a bit of a more unorganised look, arrange the photos in a more happenstance manner. To do this, simply lay the photos on the photo block to where they overlap each other multiple times. Make sure, however, that the most important portions of each picture remain visible. Once you’ve arranged all your photos in a manner that you’re pleased with, secure them together with double-sided photo tape. Then lay the acrylic block on top of the collage, thinly sketch around the edges, and cleanly cut around the borders.

    If you don’t want to have the photos overlapping each other, another option, though a bit more time-consuming, is to cut out the photos in geometric shapes which, when fitted together, perfectly correspond to the size of the photo block. This kind of collage has an especially modern look. For this, you’ll surely need more than 5 photos. It’d be best if you have a selection of your most favourite photos at hand while crafting.

    Countless Design Possibilities with This Swappable Picture Frame

    Winter Decorations

    You can beautifully decorate either a single photo or a whole collage of photos using simple means.

    You could, for instance, cut some snowflakes out of construction paper and arrange these on the photo(s) on the photo block. This will give your pictures an extra wintery feel. For this idea, you could also cut out things like Christmas tree balls from glitter paper or green Christmas trees from construction paper.

    You can make your photo block appear especially classy by adorning it with pressed flowers and plants. For this you’ll only need 2 pages of blotting paper, a stack of thick books, and small flowers or leaves of your choosing. You should then gently lay and nicely arrange your collected plants on the blotting paper and then cover them with the other sheet of blotting paper. Then you should put your stack of thick books on top of the plants to press and dry them for several days. Now you’ll be able to wonderfully decorate your favourite photo with your pressed flowers. The thin flower petals and leaves look especially gracile and go really well with bright landscape photos. To make sure your floral work of art is clearly visible, you could also affix your photo to a light-coloured piece of construction paper and then arrange the flowers around the edges.

    If you have a bit of artistic skill, you could decorate the whole ensemble a bit more with a thin black permanent marker. An idea here could be to extend and draw the photo motifs onto the sides of the construction paper background where the pictures stop. Then just add your Christmas greetings and your completely individualised acrylic photo block Christmas gift is complete.

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