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    Photo calendar for the family

    Photo calendar for the family

    For a new year full of highlights

    Photo calendars

    Planning and enjoyment in one

    Despite- all the different digital calendars available, designing your own photo calendar is still as popular as ever. Especially for families. After all, they combine planning, decoration, memories and a traditional end-of-year present perfectly! We also create a personalised photo calendar every year - primarily for us, but also as a gift for our grandparents. The attractive and amusing calendars accompany us through the whole year and not only remind us about important appointments, but also about many special moments that we have shared in our everyday lives, during the holidays or on our travels. With ifolor, photo calendars are so quick and easy to make that even our boys now can create them all by themselves!

    Photo calendars

    Pictures says more than words ever can

    By creating your own photo calendar, you can immortalise special moments and relive unforgettable memories. The cool photo calendars that our son designed all by himself this year - using his best animal photos from recent years, plus lots of fun snaps of our everyday life as a family and from our summer holidays together in Switzerland - prove that you don't necessarily need spectacular professional images to create a photo calendar. It is photos like his, which aren't always perfect, that give the calendars a special charm and that make all the fun situations we have experienced as a family seem even more amusing!


    Wall calendars

    Beautiful photos always in view

    With the assistance of the user-friendly ifolor software that he was already familiar with from creating a photobook, our son was able to create a stylish wall calendar of his absolute favourite animal photos in no time at all. The wall calendar can be created in A3, A4 or 21 x 21 cm format and there are numerous different design options with space for up to 145 photos. Our son chose a simple design that showcased his beautiful animal photos perfectly. The calendar will be put by his desk where he has always hung animal calendars. From next year, he will be able to look at his own works of art while he does his homework, studies for school or dreams about our next adventures as a family!


    Kitchen calendars

    Your favourite moments always on display

    As we always have lots of things to plan and organise, our son also created a kitchen calendar for us. You could say that our family life all revolves in and around the kitchen, so this is particularly suitable for getting us organised. The simple and slimline 15 x 42 cm format means that it can be hung anywhere. It is perfect for recording dates like birthdays, holidays or family parties or even for jotting down notes that we can all see at a glance. The 12-month review or outlook - however you want to look at it – can be created with just a few clicks of your mouse. There are various cool layouts and attractive designs to choose from. Now a proficient designer, our son designed a cool kitchen calendar for the whole family in no time. The best thing about a kitchen calendar is that we can see all our favourite people every day! The calendar allows memories of shared experiences to accompany us through the whole year and to keep bringing a smile to our faces.


    Time for a new year full of optimism?

    What could be better than reliving all your special memories from the past year in a photo calendar you have created yourself? Especially after a year like this one which has been anything but normal and has demanded a lot from us all, it's so important to keep looking back at the many enjoyable aspects of life that we have been able to experience as a family. A calendar full of fun images that bring us great joy to look at will enable us to approach the coming year with even more optimism. We are already looking forward to revisiting all our experiences from this year, month by month, and we are certain that we will also be able to fill next year with plenty of happy moments, big and small, and lots of highlights in our everyday lives and on our holidays!

    Have you now been inspired to capture your favourite family moments in a photo calendar and to enjoy a joyful journey through next year looking at it? Then go for it and create your own photo calendar.

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