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Using Text Formats as Your Default

How can I set a font style as my default font for my photo book?

When creating a photo book in the ifolor Designer you can adjust the font styles and formatting exactly the way you want them so you can accentuate the theme of your photo book in an ideal manner. In order to make all text fields uniform and to avoid having to change the settings each time you add text, you can set your chosen font design as your default. Your font design will then automatically be used for every further text placeholder in your photo book.

Here’s how it’s done:

Click on a text placeholder in your photo book, which already has the text formatting you’d like to set as your default. On the edge of the text field a small selection menu will appear that will show you what kinds of options you have at hand for changing the text. By double clicking on the text field you can enlarge the view.

You can then open the text editor by clicking on the “Aa” symbol.

Icon for the text editor in the selection menu next to the text placeholder
The text editor with different formatting options

The text editor will be opened in a new window where you can change, amongst other things, the font style, size, as well as orientation in the placeholder. Once you’re pleased with your text design, click to the right of the “Format templates” box on the arrow at the bottom, which will open a dropdown menu. Here you can now select “Create format template.” An info window will appear where you can confirm your selection by clicking on “Yes.”

Using your settings as a format template
Info window confirming your format template

Your text formatting is now saved. Now, to apply this formatting as your default for all text placeholders, click once again on the bottom arrow next to the “Format templates” window and select your saved format template. The selected template will be marked with an orange border and a checkmark.

Under your selected format template, another dropdown menu will be opened. Here, click on “Use as default” to use your selected template as the default for all other text placeholders. An info window will appear where you can confirm your selection by clicking on “Yes.”

Using a saved format template as the default

Note: In order to ensure your self-created formatting is applied as the default to all other text placeholders of your photo book, you’ll have to use this formatting on the first page of your book. If you save the formatting used on your title page and set it as the default, it won’t be applied to the pages in your photo book.