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Alternatives for Uploading Photos

What alternatives do I have for uploading my pictures for my photo products?

You’ve selected your photo product and have ended up in the design editor after going through the corresponding product pages and clicking on “Create online.” Here, however, you’re unable to upload your photos or you keep getting error messages? Certain configurations on your computer can cause this. Here we’ll explain how you can solve this problem and still be able to create your photo product.

How it’s done:

After choosing your product, its format, orientation, and layout, click on the “Design now” button and the editor for designing your product will be opened. Also, the “Add images” window will automatically be opened.

For uploading photos in the photo product editor, we use HTML5, which is a current and optimised method. That’s why we recommend keeping your browser up-to-date and always using the most current version.

Should you have problems using the optimised upload to transfer all or some of your photos, however, you can alternatively use the standard upload method. This option is available to use for all ifolor photo products and is located in the “Add images” window near the bottom.

Menu window for uploading photos

If using the standard upload, however, you can only upload photos one at a time since this uploader uses HTML, which is limited in its capabilities compared to the optimised HTML5 method.

Another source of problems is using any other image format other than JPG. Our editors only work with JPG images. Thus, if you upload images in other formats you will receive an error message that an image file was not recognised. In this case you can use an image-editing program to re-save your image as a JPG file. Most of the time, all you’ll need to do is open the image in the corresponding program, click on “Save as”, change the image format to JPG, and then save it. Just changing the file name, on the other hand, won’t be enough since just changing the file name won’t have any influence on the actual format of the photo.

Note: For ordering digital photos and photo products you can go to our Download Center and download the ifolor Designer (available for Windows and Mac) as well as useful apps, which you can use to order your digital prints and photo products directly from your smartphone or tablet.