My Moments

Your moments as a smart photo book experience

Print your Moments. Experience the magic.


Intelligent photo albums

The My Moments app creates your most beautiful moments for you. Photos of one experience from your smartphone, Facebook and Instagram are compiled into a complete moment thanks to artificial intelligence. The result is your automatic photo album on 23 pages, available for photo book Deluxe A5 and Spiral A6.


Experience your moments again as live photos

Anyone who uses live photos in their photo book can focus on the photos using a mobile phone camera later on and instantly experience them again as animated live photos. Bringing your photo book pages to life! Your most personal experiences are turned into moving images.


Quickly ordered, enjoyment for a long time to come

Simple to use, intuitive navigation of the menu – perfect as a gift! A yearbook can be created in no time at all using the My Moments app. Besides the automatically suggested moments, you can create your own special albums defined over a period of time. The recipient gains access to all the live photos by scanning the QR code in the photo book.

That's how it works


1. Download the MyMoments app.

Available for iOS and Android, just download and install it.


2. Create albums easily.

Select and order automatically suggested moments. Or order specially created albums defined over a period of time.


3. Experience moments time and time again.

Focus on the live photo, enjoy the moment.


Which photo products can I order from the MyMoments app?

The photo books Deluxe A5 and Spiral A6 can currently be designed and ordered with 23 pages in black and white.

Which designs are available to me?

The two photo book versions are available in black and white. The photos can be moved and the order can be changed using drag and drop.

How can the recipient play the Live Photos?

1. Scan the QR code on the last page of the photo book.
2. Download the My Moments app if it’s not installed yet.
3. Live Photos can be played by focusing on them with the mobile phone camera.

What is a Live Photo?

Normally, a “photo” is understood to be a silent snapshot of a moment. Live Photos are revolutionising this principle and are bringing photos to life. Such images with motion effects are about 3 seconds long and also record sound at the same time.

Which devices can I use to take a Live Photo?

The Live Photo function is an innovation that can be found on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. It’s an integrated function on the iPhone’s camera app. This function is available on all iPhones starting from the 6s generation. On the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones as well as newer models, Samsung offers the “motion photo,” which creates the same effect as a Live Photo on the iPhone. On many other Android smartphones, however, this function is not a standard setting offered. Nevertheless, you can still create this effect on other Android devices by using one of many various apps available. One of these apps is called “Motion Stills” from Google.

How do I take a Live Photo on an iPhone?

Taking a Live Photo is no different from taking a conventional photo. First you open the camera app. In order to use the Live Photo function, make sure the “photo” camera mode is being used since you’re unable to use the Live Photo function in other camera modes such as “square” or “pano.” Once you’ve activated the Live Photo function, a target-like symbol of several circles will be highlighted in yellow at the top of the screen. Now all you have to do is press the shutter release button in order to take a Live Photo. The iPhone will then not only capture a still photo, but also record 1.5 seconds both before and after the picture is taken. Make sure to hold your iPhone still while recording to ensure you end up with good results. In order to take a picture without the Live Photo effect, you can deactivate the function by pressing the Live Photo symbol at the top of the screen and then you’ll see the short message “LIVE OFF.” The symbol will then appear white and crossed out.

How can I playback a Live Photo on iPhone?

Once you’ve taken a photo using the Live Photo function, you can find it in the “Photos” app in the “Photos” tab. Once here, you can select the Live Photo you took and open it. You can then press and hold on the screen to playback the Live Photo. If you set a Live Photo as your Lock screen wallpaper, this will automatically playback when you unlock your iPhone.

Can Live Photos be sent to Android smartphones and played back?

Live Photos with motion playback cannot readily be sent and played back on other smartphones except for iPhones. If you’d still like to send the motion playback of the image to an Android smartphone, there is the possibility of first converting the Live Photo into a GIF. However, when doing this, the ability to playback the image by touching the screen will be lost. The motions in a GIF will also be played back a bit faster and in a continuous loop. If, for example, sending a Live Photo via WhatsApp, the conversion will take place automatically. The social media platform Facebook allows you to upload and post a Live Photo in its original format and with full functionality.


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